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1982 - Color, President Reagan: Arrival & Departure of President Zia of Pakistan. 07Dec82

Reel Number: 221354-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1982

Country: Pakistan,USA

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 17:22:20

TC Ends: 17:34:50

Duration: 00:12:30

1982 - Color, President Reagan: Arrival & Departure of President Zia of Pakistan. 07Dec82 Cut-aways. CU of military officers at attention, trumpeters, Reagan & Mrs Reagan out of White House. Arrival of car & Pres. Zia out w/ photographers getting in way. Introductions & to reception line seen from behind. Walk to podium & up, with Reagan confused putting wrong hand over heart. Artillery salute seen behind military band. Crowd shots. 17:25:45 CU of flags blowing & fife & drum corps heard, seen marching off; seen marching in ceremonial fashion across, shot from on balcony towards Washington Monument. Reagan to mic & gives welcome seen from balcony. Cuts from in front on lawn. Hand shaking. Pres. Zia at mic w/ White House behind, seen from lawn. Press & guests behind ribbon. Cameramen. Military Honor Guard at Parade Rest. 17:30:16 End of Zia speech. Leaving podium & entering White House on red carpet. Others follow. 17:30:52 President Reagan & Zia sit posing for photographers. CUs. 17:31:36 Reporter, off camera: “Sir, do you feel there are misperceptions about your approach to Human Rights? They turn. 17:31:42 Reagan: “Well now, we don’t take questions...so I can’t answer, but I can sure nod yes to that.” Both laugh. CUs as they talk while photographers are cleared out. 17:33:03 Ext. Pakistanis outside White House. Zia & Reagan leave White House toward camera followed by a US & a Pakistan General. Reagan & Zia shake hands as limousine arrives, into car & motorcade leaves. Reagan & aides back into White House. Ceremonial Diplomacy; Ceremony; Confusion; Speeches; State Visit; Note: Zia, a military dictator who took control in bloodless coup, imposed strict Islamic law, channeled US military aid to fight Soviets in Afghanistan, & was assassinated 17Aug88 in a planned air crash. NOTE: Credit must be given to Reagan Presidential Library

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