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1982 - Color, President Reagan: Camp David & Radio Address, 02Oct82 (Drugs)

Reel Number: 221611-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1982

Country: USA

Location: CAMP DAVID,Maryland

TC Begins: 08:04:36

TC Ends: 08:11:43

Duration: 00:07:07

1982 - Color, President Reagan: Camp David & Radio Address, 02Oct82 (Drugs) Fall w/ press running in front of Reagans walking thru woods toward & past cameras w/ secret service ducking behind trees. Sound of cameras & cameramen. 08:05:53 President Reagan & Nancy at table on patio looking at speech w/ microphones in front of them. 08:06:50 (sd starts - late but in sync) “...the drug epidemic; well I thought it might be fitting if she told you herself of what she’s learned about the drug problem. Nancy reading speech pages, describes effects of alcohol & drugs on higher death rate of young people 15 to 24 than 20 years ago. 08:08:19 Reagan: “...in the next few days we’ll announce the administration’s new strategy for the preventoin of drug abuse & drug trafficking. This is a bold, confident plane... ...and we started where narcotics crime was the worst: south Florida.” 08:09:08 “We used military radar & intelligence to detect drug traffickers, which, until we changed the law, could not be done. We increased efforts overseas to cut drugs off before they left other countries borders....drug-related arrests are up over 40 percent, the amount of marijuana seized is up about 80 percent, and the amount of cocaine seized has more than doubled.... To paraphrase Joe Louis, they can run but they can’t hide.” 08:10:37 “Previous administrations had drug statagies, but they didn’t have the structure to carry them out. We now have that structure. 08:10:57 “The mood toward drugs is changing in this country... ...we’ve taken down the surrender flag & run up the battle flag. And we are going to win the war on drugs. Till next week, thanks for listening, & God bless you. Reagans sit & wait, then begin to get up; asked to sit back down for pictures. Anti-Drug Speech; Speakers; Presidential Radio Broadcast; Addiction; Just Say No Campaign; 1980s; 1982; NOTE: Credit must be given: “Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library”. NOTE: Broadcast live at 12:06 pm from Camp David, Maryland. Glitch 08:11:00:19 - 08:11:00:20 in tape LN 806-016 received from Reagan Library. NOTE: Speech transcript: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Presidential_ Radio_Address_-_2_October_1982

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