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1982 - Color, President Reagan: President Zia of Pakistan at White House State Dinner. 07Dec82

Reel Number: 221354-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1982

Country: Pakistan,USA

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 17:34:52

TC Ends: 17:52:32

Duration: 00:17:40

1982 - Color, President Reagan: President Zia of Pakistan at White House State Dinner. 07Dec82 Marines w/ flags descend Grand Staircase followed by Pres Reagan & Pres Zia & wives. Out tall entrance & stop for photographers. Into Dining Room. Camera stop & start. 17:36:59 Pan around dining room, Reagan to lectern & speaks: “If I was late getting up here it was because I just had to finish the story.” Reagan says that their talks had shown they are even more frequently in agreement bolstering hopes for SE Asia & Middle East. Talks about refugees in Pakistan returning to Afghanistan. “...reinforced our commitment to Pakistan...we will not waver in this commitment.” 17:40:14 “Differences may come between our nations, or have come between our nations in the past, but they’ve proven to be transitory while the ties that bind us together have grown stronger year by year...” 17:40:53 Reagan proposes a toast & raises his glass, everyone stands up & sips. Applause. Sit down. 17:41:48 Zia to mic. Gives prayer, then addresses Reagans & others: “...I see very little to what I can add to what you have said...the people of Pakistan are deeply committed...to the dictates of Islam. Islam ordains upon its followers a belief in the equality & universal brotherhood of mankind.” Talks about US as a melting pot & Pakistan similar but on smaller scale. Talks about Pakistan as a melting pot of various people from all over into Indus Valley. 17:45:40 “Thus we are indeed the heirs to a rich & a varied, if somewhat turbulent, historical heritage...” “Mr. President unfortunately a new & menacing turbulence has arisen in our region...” Speaks of Resolution adopted by United Nations. War between Iran & Iraq; “...and the suffering recently visited on the Lebanese & Palestine people continue to cause us profound concern & anguish.” Calls for a solution to the Palestine problem. “..it is the first time the Arabs have put up a unified plan for the solution of the Palestine problem. To the best of my knowledge it is for the first time that the President of the United States of America has put up a very comprehensive plan w/ so many positive elements in this...” Urges him to follow thru on it. 17:50:15 “We cherish this union of partners, though unequal partners, but as two sovereign states...” “...let America be the torch bearer of Peace; Peace not only on the American continent but Peace in Afghanistan, Peace in Vietnam, Peace in Somalia, but above all Peace in Palestine.” Asks for a toast. 17:51:40 “To the health & happiness of President Reagan... Glass raised, applause, fade out. Ceremonial Diplomacy; Formal Dinner Ceremony; Speeches; NOTE: Zia, a military dictator who took control in bloodless coup, imposed strict Islamic law, channeled US military aid to fight Soviets in Afghanistan, & was assassinated 17Aug88 in a planned air crash. NOTE: Entire reel sold at per reel rate. NOTE: Credit must be given to Reagan Presidential Library

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