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1982 - Color, President Reagan: Trip To France, Background Footage of Versailles; Paris. 03Jun82

Reel Number: 221254-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1982

Country: France

Location: Paris,Versailles

TC Begins: 06:00:00

TC Ends: 06:18:03

Duration: 00:18:03

1982 - Color, President Reagan: Trip To France, Background Footage of Versailles; Paris. 03Jun82 Empty deserted street scenes, few pedestrians, soldier. Man at window. Police car behind Rolls Royce parked outside hotel building. 06:00:59 Couple sitting smoking on park bench. VS building. Flags on poles, pedestrians; park bend couple. 06:02:06 Street scenes w/ traffic & pedestrians, stores. woman w/ baby carriage / pram; others on sidewalk. 06:03:26 Traffic policemen at crossing. Cars being redirected at road detour. Tour bus turning. 06:05:02 Two traffic police; redirecting station wagon. 06:05:50 Statue, children playing in square, skipping rope. Statue, CU inscription “Hoche”, street scenes. 06:07:22 Traffic passes Arc de Triomphe, cleaning camera lens. 06:07:56 Traffic, Arc de Triomphe, road sign Place Charles de Gaulle. Details statues on Arc de Triomphe 06:09:58 Tourist bus, radio tower opposite & Arc de Triomphe w/ light traffic. 06:11:18 Eiffel Tower against grey skies. Zoom in on domed roof of Hotel des Invalides, zoom out to Eiffel Tower 06:12:47 Ext. Palais de Chaillot / Musee de l’Homme w/ sculpture & statue, kids using steps as roller skating ramp. CU inscription on building. Ext. Les Invalides. 06:14:43 LS of Hotel des Invalides across lawn. Pull back from CU of domed top. 06:15:51 Evening dusk w/ tourist excursion boat on Seine, passing Eiffel tower, under bridges. Monument. Place de la Concorde. Boats tied up on river at night. Travel; Tourists; 1980s French Scenes; 1982; Daily Life; NOTE: Any continuous 9 minutes sold at per reel rate. NOTE: Credit must be given to Reagan Presidential Library.

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