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1983 - Color, President Reagan: Camp David & Nuclear Weapons Radio Address. 29Oct83

Reel Number: 221611-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1983

Country: USA

Location: CAMP DAVID,Maryland

TC Begins: 08:11:45

TC Ends: 08:30:03

Duration: 00:18:18

1983 - Color, President Reagan: Camp David & Nuclear Weapons Radio Address. 29Oct83 Reagan at desk indoors, holding script at microphone, waiting. 08:12:01 “My fellow Americans, before getting into today’s subject, I would like to say.... 08:12:23 “Now today, I’d like to talk about ...decision...Thursday by...NATO... talks about Geneva negotiations w/ Soviets on longer range missiles. 08:13:05 The nuclear forces in Europe are fundamental to our overall strategy of deterrence & to protect our allies & ourselves... ...sharing risks & the benefits of mutual defense. 08:14:29 “When these 2,400 weapons have been withdrawn, the United States will have reduced its nuclear weapons in Europe by over one-third from 1979 levels, and NATO will have the lowest number of nuclear weapons in 20 years.” 08:15:06 “Since our 1979 decision to reduce nuclear forces, the Soviet Union has added over 600 SS-20 warheads to their arsenal....the so-called arms race has only one participant - the Soviet Union. 08:15:38 “On Thursday NATO took a dramatic & far-reaching decision... 08:16:08 “Now, let me bring you up to date on the negotiations in Geneva. Progress toward an equitable, verifiable agreement...has been slow to come. 08:17:07 “For our part we continue to seek an equitable & verifiable agreement as quickly as possible... Thank you for listening, and God bless you.” Reagan puts away speech papers & sips glass of water. 08:17:36 Reagan, Nancy & others walk in Fall autumn foliage to Navy mess. 08:18:16 Int. Introduced to fellow who runs the galley / kitchen. They go thru line, looking at dishes followed by military in camouflage. CU view of cooks / servers. CU Reagans getting their food. Sit at table w/ mlitary, CU eating. Views from across room. CUs, zooms. Reagan talks about Grenada invasion (much background noise). 08:29:30 MCU of menu board, pan to room. CU seal of President of United States & Military Patches hanging on wall. Presidential Radio Broadcast; Speech; Nuclear Missiles Negotiations; Arms Limitations; 1980s; 1983; NOTE: Credit to be given “Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library”. NOTE: Broadcast live at 12:06 pm from Camp David, Maryland. NOTE: Speech transcript http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Presidential_ Radio_Address_-_29_October_1983

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