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1983 - Color, President Reagan: Central America Speech To Congress, 27Apr83

Reel Number: 250056-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1983

Country: El Salvador,Nicaragua,USA

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 14:00:00

TC Ends: 14:34:01

Duration: 00:34:01

1983 - Color, President Reagan: Central America Speech To Congress, 27Apr83 Reagan responding to applauding of staff, Senators & Representatives prior to address to joint session of Congress, w/ Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil sitting behind. 14:00:20 “Mr Speaker...my fellow Americans....I have asked for this meeting in the hope we can prevent one (crisis). It would be hard to find many Americans who aren’t aware of our stake in the Middle EAst, the Persian Gulf, or the NATO line dividing the free world from the Communist bloc.... 14:01:10 ...places like Nicaragua and El Salvador and, yes, some concerted propaganda... 14:01:52 El Salvador is nearer to Texas then Texas is to Massachusetts. Nicaragua is just as close to Miami, San Antonio, San Diego & Tuscon than those cities are to Washington, DC where we are gathered tonight. 14:02:48 ...Cuba is host to a Soviet combat brigade, a submarine base...” 14:03:03 ...Caribbean Basin is a magnet for adventurism. We’re all aware of the Libyan military planes refueling in Brazil...to deliver “medical supplies” to Nicaragua.....actually munitions...” 14:03:22 You may remember last month...I showed an aerial photo of an airfield...on the island of Grenada... 14:04:36 ..urban terrorists were portrayed...as freedom fighters.. 14:05:25 “...El Salvador has been keeping its promises... 14:09:14 “Tonight in El Salvador - because of ruthless guerrilla attacks - much of the fertile land cannot be cultivated, less than half the rolling stock of the railways remains operational... 14:10:45 “And let me set the record straight on Nicaragua...” 14:12:11 “The Government of Nicaragua has imposed a new dictatorship...denied the bishops & priests of the Roman Catholic Church the right to say Mass on radio...” 14:13:37 “The Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua turned out to be just an exchange of one set of autocratic rulers for another, & the people still have no freedom, no democratic rights, and more poverty.... 14:15:40 “But let us be clear as to the American attitude toward the Government of Nicaragua. We do not seek its overthrow...our purpose...is to prevent the flow of arms to El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, & Costa Rica. 14:18:01 “The goal of the professional guerrilla movements in Central America is as simple as it is sinister... 14:19:26 “President Truman’s words are as apt today as they were in 1947... 14:21:01 “The countries of Central America are smaller than the nations that prompted President Truman’s message...” 14:21:43 “Are democracies required to remain passive while threats to their security and prosperity accumulate? 14:23:34 “Only last week, an official of the Soviet Union reiterated Brezhnev’s threat to station nuclear missiles in this hemisphere, 5 minutes from the United States. 14:25:28 “If Central America were to fall, what would the consequences be for our position in Asia, Europe... 14:32:27 “What the administration is asking for...is so small....We have a vital interest, a moral duty...” 14:33:48 “Thank you, God bless you, and good night.” Cold War; Economic Aid; Politics; Diplomacy; Growth; Speeches; Anti-Communism; Insurgents; Rebels; Revolution; NOTE: Any continuous 17 minutes sold at per reel rate. NOTE: Entire speech. Not fully transcribed. Use internet for full text & compare to above time code for selections. NOTE: Credit must be given to Reagan Presidential Library.

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