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1983 - Color, President Reagan: Q&A meeting w/ reporters in Oval Office re SDI. 29Mar83

Reel Number: 250014-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1983

Country: USA

Location: DC,Oval Office,Washington

TC Begins: 04:57:18

TC Ends: 05:04:44

Duration: 00:07:26

1983 - Color, President Reagan: Q&A meeting w/ reporters in Oval Office re SDI. 29Mar83 Seated President Reagan talking to reporters: “value of reducing their own weaponry.” Reporter: Mr President, on that general subject of defense, won’t your plan to develop anti-missile weapons in outer space set off a new round in the arms race... “On the contrary... I’ve been amazed at some of the fevered rhetoric... No, I made it plain that I am going to continue to persuade them....that arms reduction is the only path to follow; to look down to an endless future with these horrible missiles aimed at each other....this is unthinkable... 04:59:25 Reporter: “What would you expect the Soviets to do in this period while we are developing this weapons, they are not going to just sit idly by... 05:00:01 Reagan: ...a smokescreen on my part...a charge that I didn’t get any facts...other statements that I was proposing something that never was & never could be a defensive weapon... tells Vannevar Bush story re missile to deliver atomic warhead. 05:01:30 Reporter asks about cost of the SDI program announced... Camera pulls back to show reporters sitting on sofa etc talking w/ Reagan. “Do you have a cost figure? No, because this isn’t a crash program... we already have about a billion dollars and some of this can be diverted for research...” They go on to discuss costs; how will Congress vote on it, etc. 05:04:25 “You consistently refuse to discuss reports of covert US aid to anti-government forces in Nicaragua... Reporters Meeting; Cold War; Missile Defense Shield; Star Wars; SDI; NOTE: Incomplete. GOOD color & audio. Sold at per reel rate. NOTE: Credit must be given to Reagan Presidential Library.

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