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1984 - Color, President Reagan: 24th News Conference, segments only, 22May84

Reel Number: 250056-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1984

Country: Canada,Nicaragua,USA

Location: DC,East Room,Persian Gulf,Washington,White House

TC Begins: 14:45:08

TC Ends: 14:55:27

Duration: 00:10:19

1984 - Color, President Reagan: 24th News Conference, segments only, 22May84 Reagan to podium: “We have an important visitor in Washington, Jose Napoleon Duarte, the President of El Salvador. The President-elect & I yesterday issued a joint statement in which we agreed on three major objectives for Central America...” 14:46:40 “...we must support...people of Nicaragua & oppose the Sandinista aggression... 14:47:57 “Our balanced policy can succeed if the Congress provides the resources for all elements... 14:48:54 “And now, tonight’s first question will be from Maureen Santini...” re providing air power to guard oil tankers in Persian Gulf. 14:49:24 Black 14:49:28 “I think very slight, I can’t foresee that happening.” 14:49:40 “Mr President, you’ve said America’s vital interests are at stake in Central America... 14:50:03 “We’d be in a very difficult position, and so would they. But I have great hopes... 14:50:19 Andrea Mitchell: “...reports that the Administration has gone around Congress...to increase military & intelligence activities...” 14:50:48 “...we have followed no procedures that are any different...than past administrations...” Mitchell follows up re CIA-supported contras and how are they being funded? 14:51:31 Sam Donaldson: “Sir, interest rates are going up. The stock market is going down... Reagan talks about the economy, end sales figures didn’t keep pace... 14:53:25 Questions on upcoming trip to Europe & possible demonstrations in Ireland. ...why should Allied leaders believe you (re economy)? 14:55:14 “Oh, the Irish demonstrations, I think that’s just Irish hospitality...” 14:55:27 Black. Balance missing. Cold War; Economic Aid; Central America Politics; Diplomacy; Employment Growth; Covert Operations; Jokes; Humor; Petroleum; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate. Was broadcast live on radio & television. NOTE: 2 chunks missing. Use internet copy for full text & compare to above time code for selections. NOTE: Credit must be given to Reagan Presidential Library.

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