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1984 - Color, President Reagan: Address To The Nation & Other Countries on US-USSR Relations - Excerpts. 16Jan84

Reel Number: 221610-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1984

Country: USA

Location: DC,Washington,White House

TC Begins: 06:37:23

TC Ends: 07:01:32

Duration: 00:24:09

1984 - Color, President Reagan: Address To The Nation & Other Countries on US-USSR Relations - Excerpts. 16Jan84 President Reagan into room & to podium SOF: “...I would like to share w/ you & the people of the world...relations between the United States & the Soviet Union. Tomorrow the United States will join the Soviet Union & 33 other nations at a European disarmament conference in Stockholm....I believe that 1984 finds the United States in the strongest position in years... 06:39:11 “Over the last 10 years, the Soviets devoted twice as much of their gross national product... 06:40:04 “Three years ago, we embraced a mandate from the American people to change course,... 06:41:52 “Deterrence is essential to preserve peace and protect our way of life... 06:43:29 “I propose that our governments make a major effort to see if w can make progress... 06:45:25 “Our second task should be to find ways to reduce the vast stockpiles of armaments... 06:46:59 “Our third task is to establish a better working relationship w/ each other...realism, strength & dialogue... 06:49:37 “Strength is essential to negotiate successfully & protect our interests. If we’re weak... 06:51:35 “...reducing the risk of war, & especially nuclear war, is priority number one. A nuclear conflict... 06:54:38 “Take the Middle East as an example. Everyone’s interest would be served by stability... 06:55:49 “Experience has shown that greater respect for human rights can contribute to progess... 06:58:03 “We can’t predict how the Soviet leaders will respond... 06:59:06 “Well, those differences are differences in governmental structure & philosophy... 07:00:21 “People want to raise their children in a world without fear...” 07:00:40 “If the Soviet Government wants peace, then there will be peace. Together we can....let us begin now.” 07:01:06 “Thank you.” Applause & Reagan leaves podium, crosses room to leave. POTUS; Stockholm European Disarmament Conference; Diplomacy; Politics; 1980s; 1984; Press; Journalists; Speech; Any continuous 13 minutes sold at per reel rate. Note: Glitch in source tape LN 801-005 from Reagan Library: 06:42:42:08. Note: Credit must be given to: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

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