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1984 - Color, President Reagan: Reagan - Bush Kick-off Rally, Cupertino, California, 03Sep84

Reel Number: 221610-07

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1984

Country: USA

Location: California,Cupertino,San Jose,Silicon Valley

TC Begins: 07:01:38

TC Ends: 07:12:14

Duration: 00:10:36

1984 - Color, President Reagan: Reagan - Bush Kick-off Rally, Cupertino, California, 03Sep84 All shot of CUs of smiling faces, flags & posters, only occasional Reagan. President Reagan into car w/ hot air balloon behind: California Loves Ron & Nancy; crowd waving flags etc. CU girl w/ braces smiling, woman w/ cotton in ears in CU. Other CUs, including Boy Scout leader. Introduction (not seen) kicking off second term election campaign. Chanting “Four More Years”. Flag waving to Hail To The Chief (band off camera). 07:05:48 Reagan at podium waving seen past people & flags. “You know it started yesterday... 07:06:03 “We want to talk about the present and the future; about what American’s are doing together...” 07:07:06 CU good clown. 07:07:49 “I was six times president of my union, and I led it in the first strike.” 07:07:56 CU Black cameraman w/ Betacam camera. 07:08:32 CU Reagan “Some would say you can’t do that...And that is why you have surpluses & balanced budgets.” CU older woman in straw hat, Very GOOD. LS Reagan at microphone w/ Silicon Valley Center sign behind. “Now I hate to say this; the age factor may play a part in this election.” Faces watching. 07:09:39 Unid. speaker, probably Board Chairman of De Anza Community College where he spoke; gives him honorary degree (?). Posing at podium w/ Nancy & ?? (Probably woman President of college). 07:10:28 Aerobatic skydivers, parachuting w/ red, white & blue parachutes & smoke trail as they do acrobat turns w/ American flags. 07:11:11 Balloons released. Parachutes land. People waving. CUs. POTUS; Campaign Politics; 1980s; 1984; Republican Campaigning; Smiling Enthusiastic Supporters; Enthusiasm; Cheering; Presidential Politics; NOTE: Shot as B-Roll. Choppy speech, good visuals. Note: Credit must be given to: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

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