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1984 - Color, President Reagan: Thatcher Arrival, Meeting & Leaving Camp David. 22Dec84

Reel Number: 250014-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1984

Country: USA

Location: CAMP DAVID,Maryland

TC Begins: 04:04:31

TC Ends: 04:14:47

Duration: 00:10:16

1984 - Color, President Reagan: Thatcher Arrival, Meeting & Leaving Camp David. 22Dec84 Marine Corps presidential helicopter arriving at Camp David, President Reagan in golf cart arrives & hurriedly walks over to great Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher w/ kiss; walk together to golf cart w/ few snowflakes falling. Reporter: Mr. President, do you expect anymore hostage releases? R. shrugs, drives off in golf cart. 04:06:32 R. & Thatcher seated around table w/ Schultz, Rogers & others. 04:06:44 Black cut. 04:06:49 Ext. Arrival of two golf cart w/ Reagan & Thatcher in second, stop in front of Camp David House & go inside. Int. w/ R. in chair talking to T. on sofa about the lights in the valley at night. 04:08:00 Color bars. 04:08:03 Press cameramen on Camp David paved path in front of R. & T. who are walking & talking, seen thru trees & back to house. 04:09:55 Camera stop. View of golf carts arriving around bend in road w/ R. & T in second of three carts (helicopter motor heard in background). Reagan walks Margaret Thatcher to helicopter; kisses & waves goodbye. Reagan back to golf cart, talks to military man. CU helicopter door shutting, Reagan leaves before helicopter takes off. 04:12:57 CU Propellor beginning to turn & zoom back; marine watching, CU pilot & two helicopters lifting off. 04:14:28 LS helicopters in flight. Diplomacy; British - American; Special Relationship; Friendship; SDI; Strategic Defense Initiative; NOTE: Credit must be given to Reagan Presidential Library.

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