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1986 - Color President Reagan: W/ Dr. Jonas Savimbi of Angola. 30Jan86

Reel Number: 221252-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1986

Country: USA

Location: White HOuse Oval Office

TC Begins: 15:06:50

TC Ends: 15:11:54

Duration: 00:05:04

1986 - Color President Reagan: W/ Dr. Jonas Savimbi of Angola. 30Jan86 Reagan in center of screen walks to greet Savimbi, introduces him to Vice-President George Bush, who introduces him to Chief of Staff Don Regan. Shake hands. Then shakes hands w/ Adm Poindexter & Schultz. 15:07:15 Savimbi’s VP joins him. Then Savimbi w/ large smile sits next to Reagan. Much camera noise & flashbulbs as they pose. Call for lights off camera. 15:08:35 Then Reagan says “this is the one when they try to ask questions.” 15:08:48 From reporter: “Well Mr. President, do you want oil companies in or out of Angola?” Reagan: “We want to be very helpful to what Dr. Savimbi and his people are trying to do, we are trying to arrive at the best way to do that.” 15:09:13 “Are you prepared to do more than to give him a pat on the back, Mr. President?” Reagan: I just said we want to be very supportive.” Off-screen voice: “Okay, lights...” and they block more questions. CU of faces. Bush & others sitting on couch watching, zoom in from behind them as Reagan continues to talk w/ Savimbi who replies. 15:11:14 “Mr. President...we recognize the President as leader of the Free World; the ideals we have been fighting for for twenty years... (gestures to 2 other Angolans on couch). Rebels; Leaders; UNITA; Anti-Communists; Anti-Communism; Anti-Marxism; Intellectual; NOTE: Use sound from CH 2 only as CH 1 has low-level noise. NOTE: Credit must be given to Reagan Presidential Library.

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