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1986 & 1987 - Color, President Reagan: Comments on SDI Talks (see descriptions)

Reel Number: 250014-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1987,1986

Country: Iceland,USA,USSR

Location: DC,Reykjavik,Washington

TC Begins: 04:00:17

TC Ends: 04:04:31

Duration: 00:04:14

1986 & 1987 - Color, President Reagan: Comments on SDI Talks (see descriptions) 07Dec87 President Reagan in Roosevelt Room, White House w/ George H.W. Bush next to him: “now its enough from me, I think its time to listen to you. Reporters: re Start Agreement? “Well I’m always optimistic.” Are you up to going one-on-one w/ Mr. Gorbachev “As I told you, he can’t be tougher than Errol Flynn.” What do you make of some of the ugly things the Conservatives said last week about you “I don’t think I’d better comment on that.” Helen Thomas : What do you think of books being written about you & your wife by your former aid “I’m not going to comment on that right now...its time to start this meeting.” (2pm, prior to meeting w/ Joint Chiefs of Staff) 04:01:12 Color bars. 04:01:13 Unid. time. Oval Office Reagan reading papers at his desk, tears off & puts on floor. Gets up. 04:01:53 Black 04:01:56 14Oct86 Meeting w/ Officials of the State Dep. & the US Arms Control & Disarmament Agency on the Meetings in Reykjavik, Iceland With Gorbachev. Standing at microphones: (beginning near end of remarks & complete to end) “So here’s how I see the meeting in Iceland adding up; we addressed the important issues of human rights, regional conflicts, & our bilateral relationship... 04:02:32 The biggest disappointment in Iceland was that Mr. Gorbachev decided to make our progress hostage to his demand that we kill our strategic defense program. But, you know, I’ve had some experience w/ this kind of thing. One of my past jobs was as a negotiator of labor agreements in the motion picture industry, & I got used to one side or another walking out of contract talks. It didn’t mean that relations had collapsed... 04:03:06 Well, it’s important for us right now to see the real progress... 04:04:05 Thank you, again, all of you, for all that you’ve done. God bless you. Leaves stage w/ Pat Buchanan standing behind him. SDI / Strategic Defense Initiative; Post-Reykjavik Summit Report; Presidential Diplomacy; Diplomatic Talks; Joke; NOTE: Good quality. Sold at per reel rate as somposite of several reels. NOTE: Credit must be given to Reagan Presidential Library.

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