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1987 - Color, President Reagan: Arrive At Brandenburg Gate For Speech. 12Jan87

Reel Number: 221252-08

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1987

Country: Germany

Location: west berlin

TC Begins: 15:28:16

TC Ends: 15:37:44

Duration: 00:09:28

1987 - Color, President Reagan: Arrive At Brandenburg Gate For Speech. 12Jan87 Crowds (American Dependents?) cheering & taking pictures at arrival at Brandenburg Gate (not seen, see below). Holding flags in CU. Voice over in German introduction. Various shots of kids, adults (mostly women) & signs, applauding. 15:30:55 Brandenburg Gate blocked by wall in front w/ graffiti saying Welcome Reagan. 15:31:38 MS Reagan delivering speech, Kohl seen. MOS. Crowd of cameramen. Unid. woman. General crowd shots. Reagan w/ crowd visible & VIPs seated behind him. Shots of large crowd from stage. 15:34:03 Translator w/ computer. MS Secret Service man standing watching crowd. People listening & applauding. MCU Reagan speaking. 15:36:32 CU faces, Reagan’s voice heard speaking about the wall. “What keeps you here? Certainly there’s a great deal to be said of your fortitude...If they should have the kind of government that they apparently seek, no one would ever be able to do what they are doing.” Applause. Girl whistling. Band plays. People take pictures, looking, waving, applauding. West Germany State Visit; Cold War; Anti-Communism; NOTE: Use sound from CH 2 only as CH 1 has low-level noise. NOTE: Credit must be given to Reagan Presidential Library.

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