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1992 - Color, President H.W. Bush: Nomination for 2nd Term; Bush ‘92 Rallies

Reel Number: 221358-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1992

Country: USA

Location: Gainesville,Georgia,Houston,Illinois,Springfield,Texas,Woostock

TC Begins: 12:27:41

TC Ends: 12:36:54

Duration: 00:09:13

1992 - Color, President H.W. Bush: Nomination for 2nd Term; Bush ‘92 Rallies 20Aug92 On podium speaking to Republican Convention, Houston, Texas after nomination for Second Term as President. “May I thank my dear friend & our great leader Bob Dole...this nomination’s not for me alone. It is for the ideas, principles, and values that we stand for. My job has been made easier by a leader who’s taken a lot of unfair criticism w/ grace & humor, the Vice President of the United State, Dan Quayle. I am very grateful to him. I want to talk tonight...a choice about our country’s future, even questions about me. I’ll answer them tonight. First, I feel great. ” 12:30:05 22Aug92 Pres. & Barbara at Woodstock, Georgia rally w/ Dan Quayle. Speaks “...frankly its great to be out of that DC mode...and we are going to give them something to talk about down at Dean’s store.” CU of cheering, flag waving woman & others. Young people. Bush working the crowd. 12:31:43 ?? Pride in Alabama Rally w/ Karl Rove on platform. Chanting crowds. Guy in Reagan mask. 12:33:12 23Aug92 Illinois State Fair Bush ‘92 rally. “..to change America to make it more secure...” Working crowd & waving. Placards, signs. 12:36:28 Gainsville, Georgia on railroad train platform. “...thank you so much, All aboard!” Americana; 1992 Presidential Election Campaigning; Elections; Diplomacy; Politics; 1990s;

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