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Air Force Now - Tactical Airlift Rodeo 1987

Reel Number: 220356-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1987

Country: USA

Location: Pope AFB, North Carolina

TC Begins: 17:17:40

TC Ends: 17:30:57

Duration: 00:13:17

Air Force Now - Tactical Airlift Rodeo 1987 Bob Hope presents, w/ Lucille Ball to Pope AFB Titles on stars and galaxy background 17:18:30 Montage: CU stopwatch, exhausted soldiers, plane takeoff, military band, saluting, paratrooper lands w/ American flag, skydiving, landing in river, briefing, insignia Alaska ANG, load jeep into plane, men on airfield. 17:19:25 Gen. Duane H. Cassidy statement about the Rodeo. 17;19:57 Meeting on airdrop & preparations. Loading plane. 17:20:42 Military training for competition activities in forest: jumping on pole, crawling in mud under barbed wire, obstacle course, soldier running in field in slow motion. Race starts. Group runs in mist. Stopwatch and finishing line. 17:22:35 CU altimeter. Skydivers parachute jump out of plane. Montage: Orientation race. Blowing whistle. Crawling under barbed wire. Obstacle course. Checking inside plane, tires & fuselage. Inside cockpit. Insignia. Control panel. Supplies dropped by parachute, location measured. Woman in baseball cap writes down competition results on large board. 17:24:25 Assault landings. Planes landing. Skydivers jump out of plane & parachute landings. Shaking hands. Talking heads officers explaining use of Rodeo competition. Secretary of Air Force Edward C. Aldridge, Jr. explains what capable soldiers Americans & their allies are. 17:26:17 Airlift Rodeo preparations. Bob Hope on stage. Crowd in front of stage. Woman at large TV camera. Lucille Ball kisses Bob Hope; Barbara Mandrill. Brooke Shields being made-up. Bob Hope in uniform. Tops in Blue prepare stage, set, costumes & perform dance. Exterior building w/ sign “Pope AFB” & arrival of President Reagan’s plane, Air Force One. 17:28:17 Reagan onto stage w/ Bob Hope. Crowd cheers, claps. Do a joke. CUs. Reagan: “Nothings has made me more proud than these young men and women in uniform”. Thank you speech & good audience shots. Bob Hope awarded medal. Montage - incl. cheerleaders posing, handshakes, planes flying overhead, Reagan waves goodbye, trophy, Bob Hope waves goodbye, Military Contests; Competitions;

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