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Air Force Now (Hawaii - Precious Cargo - Battle of Khe Sanh)

Reel Number: 221454-03

Color: Black and White and Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1988

Country: USA,Vietnam

Location: DC,Hawaii,Honolulu,KHE SANH,Maryland,Waikiki Beach,Washington

TC Begins: 10:29:06

TC Ends: 10:43:15

Duration: 00:14:09

Air Force Now (Hawaii - Precious Cargo - Battle of Khe Sanh) Title sequence w/ Pencil sketch opening, rotoscoping. 10:29:42 Hawai & montage: blowing conch shell, seashore, outdoor mountains, sign: Hale Koa Hotel, Armed Forces Hotel, Waikiki Beach. 10:30:05 Joan Vierra, Marketing Director fo Hale Koa Hotel explains that it is available for all members of Armed Forces. “Rates based on military pay grade so always affordrable.” Volleyball, surfing & other sports. Traditional Hawaiian dancing, singer. 10:31:42 Presidential aircraft montage: President Truman off The Independence, Ike Eisenhower off, JFK Kennedy, LBJ Johnson, Richard Nixon. 10:32:19 Title: Precious Cargo SOF Col. Brem Morrison Commander of 89th Military Airllft Wing, Andrews AF Airbase. (note: post-1987) Pres. George HW Bush boarding plane & waving. Briefing. Man at telephone, part delivered. Working on motor, explanation of food preparation. Supermarket shopping in PX for trip (GOOD). Peparing for flight, loading aircraft. 10:35:08 Morrison describes fleet of 6 types of aircraft etc. Crew to helicopter, CU of rotor & taking off. SOF about 1st Helicopter Squadron & flying VIPs around Washington DC area. Aerials: Washington Monument & over city w/ Capitol in background. 10:36:33 Pan Presidential plane on runway, Pres. Reagan boarding Air Force One & waving & saluting, plane taxiing & turning (GOOD Reagan leaving). 10:37:22 Title: Project Warrior. Feb-Mar68. Khe Sanh, troops past camera. Aerial of AFB. Ground fighting, mortars, heavy guns, wounded on stretchers carried. 10:38:03 Title: The Battle Of Khe Sanh Planes dropping napalm. B-52 bomb run; parachute drop of equipment. SOF Maj. McGuire. C-130 landing. Burning plane. 10:39:04 Container delivery; dropping skids. Large helicopter arriving & unloading. Men jump into foxhole. Napalm bombs falling, explosion from air. Artillery firing. B-52 drops, 500 & 750 lb bombs. Night bomb explosions. Marines boarding helicopter. 10:41:52 LBJ SOF re what Marines had done at Khe Sanh. Visuals of marines moving up, fighting, marching. South Vietname troops. Base at Khe Sanh w/ supplies. Presented By Your Air Force. Vietnam War Fighting; Presidential Planes; Air Force One Preparation; Military History; Recreation;

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