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Big Truth, The

Reel Number: 221327-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1951

Country: Czechoslovakia,USA


TC Begins: 08:00:13

TC Ends: 08:09:35

Duration: 00:09:22

The Big Truth Staged drama set on Communist border. Opens w/ two soldiers chasing man through wood & firing tommy guns as he crosses thru barbed wire border. 08:00:51 Ronald Reagan turns from venetian blinds to desk & speaks to camera: “This is the story of a man whom the Communists call traitor; traitor becase he dared to speak of Freedom. Less than 24 hours ago Stefan Macochek met with a small group of men...” Five men listening to Radio Free Europe hear warning that X-217 in Czechoslovakia has been discovered by Red Police. One of the men is obviously the spy & another reports him to boss beneath Stalin’s picture. Macochek meets to guys in convertible who get imout. 08:02:34 Antennas & broadcast center in Munich. CU sign: “Radio Free Europe This Voice of Freedom made possible by the contributions of 16,000,000 American Citizens to the 1950 Crusade For Freedom.” 08:02:58 Antennas, control console, panels, electronics, tape recorders, power supply. 08:03:20 WWII wreckage. Moscow. Staged Radio Moscow broadcast of over images of destruction, people picking thru garbage in rags. CU sad people. People laying under ragged blankets. 08:03:59 Reagan at desk “Lies, all lies...” Shots of Crusade For Freedom rally; Women ringing bell, people giving contributions & signing scroll. Bell shipped to Berlin & rung as people lilsten, smiling. Antennas, clock, control room, microphone, announcer, antennas. Eastern European cities. Announcer reading newspaper; mic RFE. Man listening to radio as he builds small printing press. 08:05:55 Fat military policeman smoking cigar, puts nailed boots onto desk. Kids in classroom reciting “There’s no God” to teacher. Phonograph playing, scripts. Two men doing comedy show at mic, reading scripts. People listening aroudn radio in home. Smuggled & coded letters: into inside of hat; tken from mailbox. One in CU in English. Cut to ruined city, Radio Moscow announcers, door kicked in & radiois smashed. Crusade bell ringing. Animated map showing iron curtain & radio signal into USSR. Macochek reads script at mic to Czechoslovakia & names Comrade Fraka who gets up & turns off radio. 08:09:15 End credits: Prod. Lewis J. Rachmil, Dir. Seymour Friedman, Film Noir; Propaganda; Communications; Broadcasting; Cold War; Stereotypes;

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