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Jap Zero aka Recognition of the Japanese Zero Fighter, 1943

Reel Number: 250031-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1943

Country: USA


TC Begins: 12:13:53

TC Ends: 12:32:23

Duration: 00:18:30

Titles. 12:14:26 Fighter plane w/o markings from above spinning downward; climbing. Freeze frame from in front w/ circle, animation graphics of plane showing how to recognize from various angles. 12:16:38 P-40 similarly shown & compared. P-40 in flight. 12:18:54 Staged w/ Ronald Reagan reporting to duty, offered cigarette by Unit Commander / Major. Discuss P-40 & difficult telling from Japanese Zero. 12:20:59 Reagan viewing chart showing Japanese Zero to learn to correctly identify. 12:23:58 CU pointing at map of Pacific Islands, dissolved to P40 in flight; CU pilot in cockpit w/ canopy pushed back, sees plane & tries to recognize remembering the details, diving, firing guns at plane; CU discovering it was not a Jap Zero but another P40. “I wish I could apologize from here.” CU plane moving over to other & dipping wings. 12:26:28 CU Major’s hands clenched behind back, talking to other pilot; Reagan enters. admits it was him. 12:27:34 Watching film of attack. Major starts to leave, then sees film has Reagan shooting down actual Zero & explains. Footage of plane flying; animation of superimposed chart outlines over plane intercut w/ closeups of Reagan in cockpit. Simulated dogfight. 12:30:55 Montage CUs: airplane gunsight, hand on stick firing, guns firing. 12:31:08 Tacky scene staged crashing Zero in flames. 12:31:17 MCU Reagan smoking, blowing smoke. The three discuss, laugh about it. 12:32:08 Summary of characteristics of Zero - cut off, then brief The End title. training film contains an instructional prologue to its dramatic story which features Ronald Reagan as a fighter pilot. Both the prologue and the storyline serve the same purpose: to instruct the viewer on the importance of recognizing the difference between the American-built P-14 fighter plane and the Japanese-built Zero fighter plane. WWII USAAF; WW2; Apologies; Mistakes; Actors; Acting; Training Films; NOTE: Any continuous ten minutes sold at per reel rate.

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