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Journey for Democracy and Peace Pt 2 of 2

Reel Number: 221257-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1982

Country: Central,Costa Rica,Guatemala,Honduras,Latin America

Location: San Jose,San Pedro Sula

TC Begins: 00:39:03

TC Ends: 00:49:27

Duration: 00:10:24

Journey for Democracy and Peace Pt 2 of 2 A review of President Ronald Reagan’s five day trip to Latin America, 30th Nov. - 4th Dec. 1982 00:39:37 Costa Rica Ext. National Theatre, Teatro Nacional. Presidential cars arrive. Int. audience applaud as Presidents enter. President Monge making speech. President Reagan takes podium, Communist representative heckles, asks questions re American military in Central America. Man shouted down by audience. Reagan waiting at microphone smiles & says he doesn’t know how long heckler is going to talk. Reagan makes short speech, given standing ovation. Continues speech re democracy, ends in Spanish God bless Costa Rica. Applause and standing ovation. 00:44:23 Honduras - Presidential plane in flight, airport preparations, aircraft lands. Reagan & Shultz down steps, greeted by President Roberto Suazo Cordova of Honduras. Photo-op. Two Presidents take stage. Suazo making welcoming speech. 00:46:07 Guatemala - brief shot photocall President Reagan seated with General Efrain Rios Montt. 00:46:18 George Shultz at press conference speaking about the President’s trip. 00:47:52 President Reagan seen off at airport by Pres. Suazo, boards plane. On board aircraft Reagan laughing and talking with press. 00:49:10 Brief shot globe showing South America. The End. Diplomacy; South American Trip; Hispanic; 1982; Western Hemisphere;

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