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News Review of 1966

Reel Number: 220919-24

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1966

Country: Italy,Philippines,Phillipines,Russia,United Kingdom,USA,USSR,Vietnam,Wales

Location: ABERFAN,AL,Austin,CA,DC,FLORENCE,MA,Manila,MI,Moscow,New York City,Rome,TX,Washington

TC Begins: 02:50:38

TC Ends: 02:56:49

Duration: 00:06:11

News Review of 1966 Vars montage summary of world events 02:51:18 7 Nations Summit Meeting, Manila 02:51:33 LB Johnson visits US troops South Vietnam 02:51:50 1966 US elections; new MI Governor Romsey; Percy defeats Douglas; Edward Brook first black Senator, MA; Rockefeller re-elected; Reagan elected in CA; Lurlene Wallace replaces husband as governor of AL; Robert Wheeler first black cabinet member 02:53:03 Re-election UN Secretary-General 02:53:18 Charles de Gaulle, Moscow; evicts NATO 02:53:42 Florence flood ruins art 02:54:05 Gunman Charles Whitman, University of Texas tower 02:54:34 Funeral children killed in Aberfan school disaster 02:55:00 Pope Paul VI meets Archbishop of Canterbury in Rome 02:55:17 Wedding Lucy Baines-Johnson to Patrick Nugent, TX 02:55:34 Lunar Orbiter 2 pics; prepare Apollo moon landing.

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