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People’s Park

Reel Number: 221587-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1969

Country: USA

Location: Berkeley,California

TC Begins: 19:51:46

TC Ends: 20:13:28

Duration: 00:21:42

People’s Park The Newsreel - Radical Documentary Man in front of wired off park explain history of Park owned by University of California, ruing class; and how the South Campus area nearby, which was occupied by hippies & was destroyed. Harassment by police of Black & working class students; moving Black high school to Black area; buying up & destroying houses thru eminent domain; local people reclaiming area by building park. 19:56:28 Sign “People’s Park” - people working at park’s construction. Hoeing; emptying wheelbarrows of earth; rolling out lawn grass; noticeboard; working together. 19:58:13 Title: The News Reel. Laying sod. Stirring soup; playing drums & bongos. Many hippies, students, middle-aged ladies / women. Young couple hugging. Children help or play. Men w/ picks breaking up packed soil. 20:00:37 No trespassing notice. Campus (?) police sitting by swings in park. Standing as fence is erected. Cameraman films construction firm at work. Police in riot gear stand by & local people watch workers. 20:02:03 Rally against fencing off of park. Speaker. March. Riot police w/ rifles. Standoff & policeman throws tear gas. Violent confrontation, protesters throw stones at police, people running off. Much tear gas. Overturned car. Wounded carried off. Montage stills riot police running; and injured bleeding with V.O. Councilman interviewed. National Guard in vehicles thru Berkely streets. 20:07:37 Strikers w/ placards near police car. Girl makes V-sign at National Guard going past. National Guard advance pointing bayonets at hippies; pointing guns. National Guard in front of university building pointing bayonets. Fast montage of stills w/ governors incl. Reagan, VP Nixon. CU policeman w/ mask; CU gun. Point guns at sit-in. 20:09:21 LS National Guard or riot police enter central campus area. Helicopter flies over university spraying tear gas. Students running and police chase them on campus grounds. Bare-chested man held in handcuffs. 20:10:51 March re People’s Park w/ women & children. Lone man picketing w/ sign ‘Dick Jones”. Flowers for police. National Guard past in vehicle make victory sign. Still Siente de La Rosa? Susan Parker? LS & CUs Marchers at Berkeley. 1960s; Student Revolution; Colleges; Universities; Berkley; Americana; 1970s; NOTE: Music rights unknown; must be cleared by users if used. NOTE: Any continuous one minute sold at per reel rate.

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