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President Reagan - Morning Again in America

Reel Number: 220611-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1981-1984

Country: China,France,Japan,South Korea,USA

Location: Normandy,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 09:28:58

TC Ends: 09:47:03

Duration: 00:18:05

President Reagan - Morning Again in America (Campaign Broadcast) Two reels Ronald Reagan takes oath at inauguration intercut with scenic shots of America and happy American people. 09:30:01 Exterior White House. Interior Reagan at desk reading. Reagan in meetings with advisors in various situations. Reagan and V.P. George Bush walking. Reagan and Bush talking in office. Vox pops re pride in America. 09:32:19 AV skyscrapers - montage idealised shots of America over shots of song “ I’m Proud to be an American “ (Advise music rights to be checked) 09:33:33 Air Force One landing in South Korea - President visit DMZ and attends outdoor Church Service with troops. Reagan wearing Parka jacket. Reagan wearing US Army camouflage fatigues - getting food in canteen line. Reagan meeting soldiers in huts. 09:34:53 Voxpops re praise of President Reagan - good economy - less unemployment. Montage construction industry. Headlines re interest rates and inflation. Reagan to camera intercut with shots people buying houses and cars. Woman praises Reagan’s TV appearances. 09:37:16 Old couple walking down suburban street and on beach at sunset - re pensions and social security. Various shots old people some speaking in praise of Reagan 09:38:06 Reagan assassination attempt - FBI bundle President to ground. Newspaper headlines ro shooting. Reagan makes joke re Republican doctors - nice shot smiling. Still photograph meeting with Cardinal Cook. Reagan in close up talking of shooting and God. 09.39.55 President and Mrs Reagans trip to Japan and China - crowds welcome him. President entertained. Walking on Great Wall of China. 09:40:54 Reagan in Northern France reading at D-Day anniversary ceremony. Intercut with footage D-Day landings. Sixty two veterans - members of the original landing party. Good shot Reagan saluting. War graves. President and Nancy walking through and placing flowers. 09:42:18 President on dais makes moving speech re D-day veteran who had died before he could return to Normandy but was represented by his daughter. 09:43:52 AVs over American countryside. Reagan on horseback. Reagan at ranch grooming horse, in T-shirt chopping wood. Riding with Nancy. Reagan to camera re why he is running for re-election - interior Oval office. Interior Roosevelt room - details of battle flags. Montage previous shots. Statue of Liberty with scaffolding. RV Reagan and Bush away from camera. Still triumphant Reagan. NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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