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President Reagan Visits Germany, June 12, 1987, FF R1 of ?

Reel Number: 221257-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1987

Country: Germany,West Germany

Location: Bonn

TC Begins: 00:00:01

TC Ends: 00:16:14

Duration: 00:16:13

President Reagan Visits Germany, June 12, 1987 Air Force One Presidential plane taxiing, Bonn Airport. Crowds & military band await arrival. Chancellor Helmut Kohl & President Ronald Reagan past band (unsteady pix). Party walks on red carpet toward airport building. 00:02:11 Reagan & Kohl take seats for photo call. Reporter heard asking Reagan about Gorbachev proposal on INF treaty. Reporter question re Sec. Shultz & INF summit (Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces). Reagan smiling looking slightly confused. Both leaders leave room. 00:03:44 Nancy Reagan seated w/ Hannelore Kohl for photo opportunity, presentation of flowers, meeting w/ teenage girls. Mrs Burt hands baby Christopher to Nancy who poses for cameras. Party leave press room. 00:07:50 Departure ceremony SV Chancellor Kohl makes speech, press cameras, crowds including children watch. Police in tanks watch. SV Reagan response, camera sound not usable & shaky telephoto. Woman stands w/ umbrella. Party leaving. President & Nancy boards aircraft, waves from top of stairs (GOOD). German party walks back to cars. Air Force One on tarmac in rain, other planes on ground (shaky). Lufthansa plane taxiis in front of Presidential plane. Air Force One taxiis. Grey skies. Diplomatic Visit; International Relations; 1980s; End of Cold War; Western Europe; Summit Meetings;

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