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Reagan Remarks at Reagan - Bush Rally in Detroit, Michigan, Sears-Lincoln Park Shopping Center 01Nov84

Reel Number: 221610-08

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1984

Country: USA

Location: Detroit,Michigan

TC Begins: 07:12:15

TC Ends: 07:30:49

Duration: 00:18:34

1984 - Color, President Reagan: Reagan - Bush Rally Remarks, Detroit, Michigan, Sears-Lincoln Park Shopping Center 01Nov84 Shot from front of crowd. President windblown, to cheering crowd...I’m game if you are. I know how long you’ve been out here...advice from a minister from out in Oklahoma (story - joke) 07:14:54 “You know when we first proposed the steps that got our economy moving again... 07:15:41 “Well, we didn’t get all that we asked for, but we got a lot of spending cuts. We cut the growth... 07:16:46 “I need Jack Lousma, Michigan needs Jack Lousma... 07:16:54 - 07:17:07 Sound missing on source tape from Reagan Library. 07:17:24 “And that goes especially for Tom Ritter... 07:17:54 “Well, I want to get down to the meat of what I have to say here, so that we can all get in where its warm. We knew that economic freedom meant paying less of the American family’s earnings into the Government, and so we cut personal income tax rates... 07:19:13 “You know, we can understand a little bit about the economic theories of my opponent...” 07:21:35 “After the Soviets invaded Afghanistan...” “And then he said it was immoral of us to invade Grenada. “Well, a year ago we went into Grenada, and I don’t think there’s anything immoral about sending in our forces to save the lives of American students when their lives are in danger.” 07:22:49 “...we turned things around in Washington...the Government stopped singing out S.O.S. & started saying U.S.A.! ...like our Olympic athletes, we’re going to go for the gold.” 07:23:36 “...last 18 months 900,000 new businesses were incorporated.” 07:25:55 “We’re going to give to you an America where you can fly as high as your ability will take you, and there will be no government holding you down.” 07:26:42 “And yes, I want to be there to finish the job that we started 4 years ago.” 07:27:44 “I know that there must be out here many of you who are Democrats, but who have found, as I found -- because I was once a Democrat -- you found that you cannot follow the course set by this present leadership. Well then come walk w/ us down the path of hope & opportunity...” 07:28:37 “My last message is intended to drive our opponents up the walls. it is: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Thank you all. god bless you. Thank you.” 07:29:17 Detroit Tigers present a jacket & Tiger baseball cap to Reagan. Fireworks in American Flag shape in background. POTUS; Campaign Politics; 1980s; 1984; Republican Campaigning; Weather; Cheering; Presidential Politics; NOTE: Entire sold at per reel rate. NOTE: Credit must be given to: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

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