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Today & Tomorrow; Beatrice Kay & Barber Shop Quartet

Reel Number: 221539-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: USA


TC Begins: 00:12:33

TC Ends: 00:20:38

Duration: 00:08:05

Today & Tomorrow; Beatrice Kay & Barber Shop Quartet Title: Today and Tomorrow - World’s Future Animation re formation of United Nations. Cavemen, Egyptians, Greeks shown in still cartoons showing war & dove of peace. Animation of explosion. United Nations logo w/ Stop Wars! over it. Animation of High Land & Low Land arguing over disagreement which they take to United Nations for mediation. International Court gives decision after General Assembly can’t get agreement. More examples. 00:15:31 Security Council shown in caricatures w/ member nations. Ronald Reagan narration. 00:16:48 Title: Showtime presents Beatrice Kay & Company. Can Can dancers in ca 1900 stage set & costumes dancing. Announcer introduces Beatrice Kay. She is sitting w/ four men w/ handlebar mustaches & trays of beer singing; she directs & makes it a gag. 00:19:00 Joined by Gay 90s can can dancers and all sing to bouncing ball over subtitles of song. CU & winking. 00:19:50 Sings Take Me Out to the Ball Game w/ bouncing ball. End credits. Oddities; Gags; WWII Military Entertainment; Educational Film;

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