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WWII - 1940s, USA Government Film: Stilwell Road, The R1 of 6

Reel Number: 221074-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942,1943,1944,1940s

Country: Burma Myanmar,China,England,India,Japan,Myanmar (Burma),United Kingdom,USA

Location: Ledo Road,Mandalay,Rangoon,Southeast Asia,Stilwell Road

TC Begins: 05:12:10

TC Ends: 05:21:03

Duration: 00:08:53

WWII - 1940s, Southeast Asia: Burma, Japanese Invasion & Allies Constructing Burma Road Titles. 05:12:34 Aerial thru clouds over mountains. 05:12:53 Animated map land bridge / metaphor of Burma Road to Kunming, China. Aerial of winding Burma Road. 05:13:16 Chinese workers on mountainside build Burma Road, pounding, splitting & smashing rocks of mountain cliffs. HA pan over many people working on winding road. Trucks moving up road; snowy mountain w/ pack train of camels. Trucks carrying ammunition & supplies. 05:14:07 Animated map, pans West to show land bridge connecting Iran with USSR. Arrows point to battles f El Alamein & Stalingrad. Pan on animated map east to Asia & Japanese destruction of Burma Road w/ Japanese soldier standing on Pacific islands. 05:14:53 General MacArthur & Admiral Nimitz at map. Japanese troops marching w/ flags; aerial of Japanese plane formation dropping bombs. Large explosion. 05:15:12 MCU British General Alexander. CU Gen. Stilwell w/ Chinese troops look at map in field. Animated map of Asia w/ Japanese offensive advancing. Volunteer Flying Tiger pilots & RAF take off. Japanese bombing Rangoon, buildings explode; Burmese refugees on road & train car roofs. 05:16:11 Montage: CU sign: Corporation of Rangoon Notice. Destroyed buildings & empty streets, Buddha statues amid rubble. Japanese troops on way to Mandalay - road sign Rangoon, Mandalay, Hanza. Japanese offensive on Mandalay, India, aerial shots of city bombed, explosions on ground, Indian children run & man carries child. Japanese war planes; burning buildings. Indians on crowded train. 05:17:01 Animated map of Japanese progress, cutting off Burma Road. 05:17:15 Indian refugees on road in carts & Alexander’s British troops retreat. Allied demolition squads destroy equipment & oil supplies, run to row boats w/ burning buildings behind. 05:18:02 Burmese refugees thru fields, on road, some w/ military uniforms. European, Australian soldiers retreating, across rivers & mud on way to India. Refugees & troops at camp, wounded carried on stretcher. 05:18:53 SOF: Stilwell says they ought to go back and retake Burma. 05:19:08 Map of India, Burma, China, Indochina & Thailand w/ Texas overlayed in comparison. 05:19:24 Montage: Burma, Buddhist temples, street scenes, woman smoking shilom (cigar), tribal Giraffe woman w/ neck rings. 05:19:43 Aerial shot of thick Burmese jungle. Montage: Allied troops thru Burmese jungle forest w/ pack mules. Turbulent river w/ raft crossing, mountains, Himalayas, wind storm, monsoon rain storm, swamp. Soldiers hack thru jungle w/ machetes. 05:20:45 General Stilwell & another study map. CBI (China-Burma-India) military command badge. Allied Chinese troops march thru mountains. WW2; 1940s India-Burma Campaign; Engineering; Ledo Road; Retreating; Asia; NOTE: Sell at per reel rate. Narration by Ronald Reagan.

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