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WWII - 1940s, USA Government Film: Stilwell Road, The R2 of 6

Reel Number: 221074-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942,1943,1944,1940s

Country: Burma Myanmar,Canada,China,England,India,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Calcutta,Hoogly River,Ledo,Quebec City,Rangar,Ranhar

TC Begins: 05:21:07

TC Ends: 05:30:08

Duration: 00:09:01

WWII - 1940s, Southeast Asia: Troop Training & Ledo Road Construction Into Burma Montage: Allied Chinese troops to plane, takeoff to training station at Rangar, India; aerial over tents & camp. General Stilwell & ?? reviewing troops, European or USA soldiers training native troops w/ guns, shooting target practice, out of trench & crawling on ground close to explosions. 05:21:34 British Commander in Chief of India Command, Field Marshall Sir Archibald Wavell (later Viceroy of India) & General Sir Claude Auchinleck. CU looking at map 05:21:51 Training montage: obstacle course, rope climb, parachuting. Allied troops on road, disembark from ship - shows variety of nations within Allied troops: Gurkhas from Nepal, African, Naga head hunters, Burma Rifles & Chin & Cachan ? tribesmen from Burma, Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh, Australian, New Zealand, Indian, Gurkha, Burman, African, Chinese & American soldiers, CUs. 05:22:53 Aerial LS road w/ long line of refugees on foot & carts, on stretchers, w/ babies. 05:23:22 Pack mules over Himalayan mountain pass to China in snow. 05:23:39 Airfield w/ fuel drums; loading fuel, ammunition & supplies onto C-46 airplanes at air base, cranes loading disassembled trucks. 05:23:59 Aircraft taking off, inflight to Burma across Himalayas. Animated map of mountains & Japanese defenses. Plane over jungle, thru mist & fog; over jagged peaks. Aircraft lands. 05:25:12 Map of proposed road from Ledo, Northern India to Myitkyina, & mountains via Kunming to Chungking, China. 05:25:47 Surveying & construction of Ledo Road: Men fit explosives on trees to clear way, hack thru forest, bulldozer. Workers w/ machetes chop at vines. American & Asian engineers; bulldozers building road into mountainside; others w/ Black operators clearing level jungle; Asian workers pounding logs for roadbed. 05:26:30 Montage: Land slides collapse on roads w/ monsoon rain. Men rebuilding. Ship at Calcutta dock unloading & supplies piled, trucks parked, wire, tanks; flat boats & barges carry them up Hoogly River. Bengal Assam Railway, moving supplies between trains at station. Railway construction. Aerial of supply planes arriving from Calcutta. 05:27:41 Haggard Chindits emerge from jungle (jungle fighting force under British command), bathing in washtubs. Statues of legendary animals, Chindit name taken from them. 05:27:57 Chindit leader Brigadier Charles Orde Wingate arriving & talking w/ men. Chindits marching into jungle & across Chindwin River, along gravel bar. 05:28:34 LS government buildings & Quebec Conference. MS President Roosevelt (FDR), Winston Churchill & US & British Chiefs of Staff, Mountbatten, Stilwell, General Marshall, Hap Arnold w/ others at planning table. 05:29:10 Mountbatten & Stilwell w/ troops in South East Asia; CU Phoenix emblem superimposed. Felling tree. MS Colonel Luis A. Pick at construction site; bulldozers, tractors & trucks thru mud. Allied Chinese artillery & infantry marching, advancing in trucks pulling artillery. Firing artillery in jungle; advance firing machine guns. WW2; China - Burma - India Campaign; Engineering; Ledo Road; Stilwll Road; Allies; CBI; 1940s; Ranghar; NOTE: Sell at per reel rate. Narration by Ronald Reagan.

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