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WWII - 1940s, USA Government Film: Stilwell Road, The R3 of 6

Reel Number: 221074-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943,1944,1940s

Country: Canada,China,England,India,Myanmar (Burma),United Kingdom,USA

Location: Akyab Peninsula,Assam,nagidok pass,Rangar

TC Begins: 05:30:11

TC Ends: 05:40:03

Duration: 00:09:52

WWII - 1940s, Southeast Asia: Burma, Invasion Planning, Road Construction & Pipeline Laying Montage: MS troops dropping pipes from moving railroad flatcars; LS laying fuel pipeline across variety of terrain for 2000 miles. Burying, suspending; pulling w/ bulldozers. Trucks pulling trailers of pipes moving on road alongside. Soldiers & Asian workers carry pipelines in jungle, moved along cables across rivers. 05:30:56 Testing water for Malarial mosquito & disease; draining swamps & spraying by hand sprayer & plane; clearing mud. Casualties carried by stretcher, truck, oxcart, foot, raft, jeep, plane. 05:31:49 Medical camp, MCU Colonel Gordon Seagrave, former medical missionary, caring for wounded at camp & operating. GOOD. 05:32:19 MS ??, Louis Mountbatten, Joseph Stilwell confer on jungle airfield. Chinese trained by Allies in Ranghar, India, obstacle courses. Sign: CBI Chinese - American, in front of airfield w/ tower & hanger under construction. Major General Clare Chennault, organiser of Chinese-American Composite Wing in northern India arrives in staff car. US volunteers instruct Chinese, planes in flight, practice bombing targets & dropping bombs in practice, pilots onto airfield to aircraft. Formation overhead. 05:33:08 Another Indian base, Brigadier Frank Merrill walks w/ Lord Mountbatten - training shooting practice. 05:33:28 Secret air field in Assam, air commando force assembled, CU Commander Philip Cochran aka Major Flip Corrigan from Terry & the Pirates comic strip, poses w/ Colonel John Allison, former Flying Tiger. Fly-over. 05:33:51 Aerial of C-47 cargo plane formation in shuttle over mountains; dropping parachute supplies. Supplies crated / packed, loaded on plane, thrown out of plane, parachutes landing. 05:34:41 US & British fighter planes & bombers bomb Japanese bridge. 05:34:53 Indian & Chinese laborers build air bases by hand w/ basic tools. Laying stones, pulling large rollers. 05:35:26 Japanese soldiers unload from many trucks of supplies. Refugees along road w/ belongings in baskets, on shoulder poles. 05:35:46 Mountbatten off plane & greeted by Stilwell. Map & pointer shows Chindits, 14th Army, Yunnan force, Marauders, Ledo Force, explaining next move (1944). 05:36:57 14th Army down Akyab Peninsula, military vehicle, road sign Maungdaw & Buthidaung. Map shows Japanese counter-offensive. 05:37:24 RAF bombing Japanese on Nagidok (?) Pass. Tanks of 7th India Division attack Japanese, fighting (GOOD), pass cleared & tanks thru. 05:38:18 Animated map of path of Ledo Force & Marauders offensive in Myitkyina . 05:38:50 Marauders walk thru jungle, across bridge & thru river. 05:39:21 Animated map illustrating 05Mar44 aerial / glider penetration Burma. 05:39:52 General Wingate arrives by plane w/ Col. Phil Cochran. WW2; China - Burma - India Campaign; Engineering; Ledo Road; Construction; CBI; NOTE: Sell at per reel rate. Narration by Ronald Reagan.

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