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1955 - Audie Murphy Before Senate Narcotics Committee; Ike Awarding Navy Medal; Movie Premier

Reel Number: 221679-22

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1955

Country: USA

Location: DC,San Antonio,Texas,Washington

TC Begins: 17:08:48

TC Ends: 17:17:37

Duration: 00:08:49

1955 - Audie Murphy Before Senate Narcotics Committee; Ike Awarding Navy Medal; Movie Premier MCU of Murphy at table SOF. “Directing your attention (to photography of addict)...” Picture held for photographers. “Isn’t it your opinion that perhaps the American people need a little shock when it comes to this terrible problem of dope addiction?” Murphy: “I certainly do.” 17:10:17 Murphy: “Its a privilege to appear here this morning...anytime I can bring this before the right people & help the youth of America to steer clear of this pitfall...” Leaves table. 17:10:57 Balance of reel is MOS. MCU & CU Murphy w/ Senator Price Daniel, sitting at desk talking (MOS). 17:11:30 MS Murphy, Daniel & ?? standing talking, MOS. 17:11:46 Daniel, ?? & ?? at table in front of Senate Sub-Committee (?) hearing room. CUs. Spectators in hearing room. Audie Murphy being shown photos at table by committee member. Reporters taking notes. 17:12:40 Sam Rayburn (?) w/ Murphy in office. CUs. 17:13:00 Murphy walking w/ Congressmen in front of Capitol building. 17:13:09 VIPs in office talking w/ Murphy. 17:13:39 Vice-President Nixon leading Murphy & others across office, standing talking. CUs. MS others listening & smiling. 17:14:38 Sen. Daniel at desk w/ Murphy. CUs. 17:14:55 President Eisenhower w/ Navy officers in dress whites on White House porch, to microphones. Navy officer reading statement (MOS), Ike pinning ?? on Navy officer w/ difficulty as Sec. Wilson watching & laughing. Handshake. CUs of medal. Posing. LS of White House, Pennsylvania Ave. Side. 17:16:57 17Aug55. San Antonio, Texas. Audie Murphy in movie-star cowboy outfit on horseback; banner across street “Welcome Audie Murphy.” Riding down street past spectators. People applaud. 17:17:10 Majestic theater / theatre marquee w/ World Premier for To Hell And Back. Viewing stand beneath. View of Murphy in Marine uniform out of car; many lighted movie signs behind. Past young women. Swearing in volunteers. Celebrities; Movie Stars; Promotion; Anti-Narcotics; Awards; Medals;

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