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APOLLO XI Mission Conrol Room 24Jul/69 During Splashdown

Reel Number: 221349-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1969

Country: USA

Location: Houston,Texas

TC Begins: 08:33:01

TC Ends: 08:55:05

Duration: 00:22:04

APOLLO XI Mission Control Room 24Jul/69 During Splashdown For detail see marked sheet 08:33:03 Slate 08:33:32 ?? standing. LS of room, men at consoles, map on upper wall. Man tracking on large paper map. Men talking & looking at map. 08:34:50 Map on wall. Men looking at consoles. Animation on wall w/ countdown to splashdown; concerned look on CU of face. Various views w/ countdown on wall. 08:36:50 Wall map w/ path of Apollo 11 on re-entry. Video on wall of shipboard & ocean. Control room watching. 08:38:18 Video on wall of President Nixon on Aircraft carrier. View of carrier & water w/ men in control room watching. 08:42:14 Control room, two women sitting w/ small American flags. LS of room. MCU of woman & flag. 08:44:20 MCU small phonograph record in sleeve Voices From The Moon. Woman looking at. Engineers w/ copies of record & furled flags. Various views in control room during recovery 08:47:35 Men applauding as helicopters return to carrier - seen on monitor. Flag waving. CU of poster. Cigars. Hand shaking. Space Race; Recovery Operation; Astronauts;

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