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The Nixon-Lodge Ticket

Reel Number: 220797-13

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1960

Country: USA


TC Begins: 18:06:00

TC Ends: 18:12:17

Duration: 00:06:17

The Nixon-Lodge Ticket GOP convention names Nixon & Lodge - crowd at convention. President Eisenhower with Nixon and photographers. Ike’s motorcade is enthusiastically welcomed by crowd - car doused in confetti. Signs ‘Well done Mr. President”. Ike and Mamie cheered at convention. 18:07:41 Ike speech re challenge to Khruschev “I challenge him to this task: will he agree to the holding of free elections under the sponsorship of the United Nations to permit people everywhere (...) to vote on one single, simple issue(...) Do you want to live under a Communist regime, or under a free system such as found in the United States?” Roar of applause. Crowd in pit. Nixon’s nomination as republican presidential candidate announced. Many pro-Nixon signs amidst crowd. vice-president nominee Henry Cabbot-Lodge and wife. Lodge sound bytes re outcome of campaign, alludes to people’s worries re Cold War “It’s like someone who’s going to have an operation, he wants the best doctor”. Nixon with wife Pat, two daughters and mother - speaks with journalists re how hard it will be to follow in Eisenhower’s footsteps.

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