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1903 - President Roosevelt: TR In San Francisco. 12May03

Reel Number: 220632-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1903,1900s

Country: USA

Location: San Francisco, California

TC Begins: 10:08:01

TC Ends: 10:10:05

Duration: 00:02:04

1903 - President Roosevelt: Western Presidential Tour, 12May03 LS Marching band & riders parade towards camera w/ crowds lining Van Ness Avenue sidewalks - many children w/ flags & policeman controlling crowd on edge of frame, flags in crowd. Slow pan follows carriage w/ Theodore Roosevelt standing waving at children on porches, back to camera. Past St Mary’s Cathedral. Carriage preceded by Ninth U.S. Cavalry regiment (Blacks). Shot same street, parade returning / from opposite direction, Roosevelt’s face clear at end of shot. NOTE: May combine w/ other short films ON THIS TAPE to total maximum of 10 minutes for per reel rate.

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