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1909 - 1911 - Construction, USA: Roosevelt Dam Construction, Dedication & Agriculture

Reel Number: 220632-12

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1909,1911,1900s,1910s

Country: USA

Location: Roosevelt Dam,Salt River, Arizona

TC Begins: 10:43:04

TC Ends: 10:57:10

Duration: 00:14:06

Roosevelt Dam, The Intertitles. 10:43:35 CU Ex-President Theodore Roosevelt speaking. Desertscape. TR speaking at dedication of Roosevelt dam (brief). 10:44:29 MCU Frederick H. Newell & CU Gifford Pinchot. TR at desk in White House. Capitol building. 10:45:22 Construction of dam in 1909, LS & MCUs, excavation w/ giant bucket shovels on cables across Salt River. 10:46:26 Cutting stones in quarry (brief). 10:46:46 Views completed dam. High angle dam, road on top w/ cars crossing, POV car crossing dam. 10:47:45 Pan from machinery across canyon; view into spillway. 10:48:20 Filled Roosevelt Lake. Hydro-electric plant. Diversion of water into canals. 10:49:27 Tracking shot crossing canal. Water flowing thru headgates. Farmer irrigating; digging to set up canvas dam & let water into fields. 10:50:39 Pan across valley of crops & orchards. Sheep & cattle grazing. Cactus above reservoir / lake. 10:52:01 Tracking along irrigated field w/ water; pan over irrigated farms. 10:52:23 Farmer on small crawler tractor mows down bush. Plow pulled by eight horses. Large crawler tractor pulling disc; another tractor at work. 10:53:14 Tractor mowing down grain; combine grain harvesting. Mules pushing hay into piles to men baling hay w/ stationary hay / straw baling machine. 10:54:16 Men in field picking cantaloupes into bags & filling fruit boxes. 10:54:50 Intertitle: “In 1911, Ex-President Roosevelt went to Arizona to attend the ceremonies of the dedication of the Dam which bears his name.” 10:55:02 Crowd gathering on top of dam; TR on stand w/ others. TR w/ device on table starts dam. 10:55:22 Indians / construction workers crowding to shake his hand. 10:55:41 TR speaking & gesturing. Pan across dam. 10:57:09 The End. Government Dam Construction; Flood Control; Agriculture; NOTE: Partial or entire provided at per reel rate. Many intertitles throughout. NOTE: Per Library of Congress permission to use this film must be applied for in writing to the Theodore Roosevelt Association, PO Box 719, Oyster Bay, NY 11771. e-mail: tra@sprynet.com.

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