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Building The Panama Canal

Reel Number: 221292-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Panama


TC Begins: 05:20:32

TC Ends: 05:30:52

Duration: 00:10:20

Building The Panama Canal Visual Education Library presents A Classroom Teaching Film a chapter from The Story of Civilization Map showing isthmus of Panama. Monument to Balboa; street scenes w/ car & wealthy tourists looking thru the old town remains of church remains w/ vines. 05:21:59 New city w/ various people sitting & working on sidewalk. Men talking under trees. Tracking shot thru street. Small village w/ people dancing to concertina & drums outdoors. Man cutting open coconut for milk. Kids sitting outside mud hut watch rider on horse. “Panama lay in quiet indolence...” 05:23:19 LS down street w/ rider toward camera. 05:23:29 Digging of canal w/ railroads; men placing dynamite. Steam shovel loading railroad car w/ rock; train cars past. Men digging w/ hydraulic water & hoses. Pouring concrete locks. 05:24:20 Explosion of last barrier separating oceans. President Theodore Roosevelt on banner draped platform. Large ships thru canal & lake. Two stack liner. 05:25:18 Diagram of locks & ship from Atlantic to Pacific through Gatun Locks. 05:25:58 Man in control room operating controls, locks open for liner; mule railroad moving ship thru. CU of locks gates. People on shipboard watching. View from ship through lake w/ foliage; canoe. People eating on board. Operating room & lock opening for ship to enter & ship on Pacific Ocean. The End. Informational Film; Geography; Technology; History;

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