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Roosevelt Scenes

Reel Number: 220601-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1917-1918

Country: USA

Location: Garden City, NY Sagamore Hill, NY Forest Hills, NY St Paul, Minnesota Billings, Montana Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois Newburgh, NY Springfield, Illinois Naval Service Club, Boston

TC Begins: 09:22:17

TC Ends: 09:25:24

Duration: 00:03:07

Roosevelt Scenes including WWI rallies 02Sep1917 Theodore Roosevelt with Brigadier General Michael J. Lenihan, fellow Officer in Spanish - American War during informal visit to Camp Mills near Garden City, NY 09:22:27 22Aug1917 on lawn of Sagamore Hill, TR and members of Belgian mission. Roosevelt in animated conversation with Belgian officer. 09;23;00 04Aug1917 Forest Hills, NY, TR reviews and marches with the Forest Hills Rifle Club 09:23:18 28:09:1917 TR speaking at pro-war parade in St Paul, Minnesota with Minnesota Governor Joseph Burnquist standing behind him on platform. 09:23:29 Supporting Liberty Loan effort in Billings, Montana. Waving from car through street. 09:24;03 26Sep1917 - Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois - TR & Thomas H. Barry, camp commander 09:24:29 02Sep1918 - Speaking to crowd on launch of USS Newburgh in Newburgh, NY 09:24:52 02Apr1918 From Sagamore porch TR speaks to volunteer workers of the Third Liberty Loan 09:25:04 26Aug1918 TR comes out of car in Springfield, Il. to endorse rapid end of war by overwhelming voctory 09:25:10 02May1903 TR arriving at Naval Service Club, Boston with F. Nathaniel Perkins, president of club.

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