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TR in Africa, 1909 (either 1 or 4)

Reel Number: 220997-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1909

Country: British East Africa Kenya,Kenya

Location: British East Africa Kenya

TC Begins: 10:13:46

TC Ends: 10:22:07

Duration: 00:08:21

TR in Africa, 1909 (either 1 or 4) Kikuyu and / or Masai tribesmen dancing w/ shields and spears, some masks. TR’s party watches, many with Colonial hats. 10:14:21 Dancers pose behind shields. 10:14:34 Theodore Roosevelt and party planting tree in front of Boma Trading Company, maybe in Mombassa, then TR receives gift box. 10:15:37 TR rides past camera. Hunting camp with US flag on tent, African warriors w/ spear walk to camera. 10:16:09 TR & others on horseback in distance. Pan over camp as natives covered with blankets pack camp. 10:17:40 TR rides to camera. TR and party through low brush twds camera and stream where horse drinks. 10:18:47 Probably Kikuyu dance performed in TR’s honour at Nyeri in August with a small number of Masai participating. 10:19:14 Large group of women (Masai?) forming circle and men (Kikuyu?) pass through. Men raise spears and shields. Posing in masks with spears and shields. Pan over group as TR and party watch. 10:21:51 TR and other Whites inspecting shotgun. 10:21:57 African boy dances with head dress. 1900s. Early Travel / Tourism. British Empire. Many shots identical to those in LN 050-020 but without intertitles.

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