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TR in New Mexico, 1916

Reel Number: 220997-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1916

Country: USA

Location: Albuquerque,Nm

TC Begins: 10:23:07

TC Ends: 10:24:15

Duration: 00:01:08

TR in New Mexico, 1916 Campaigning for Charles Evans Hughes and assailing Wilson administration. Woman on horseback leading parade with TR in open touring car, probably seated next to Senator Albert Fall (later of teapot Dome scandal fame). 10:23:18 Theodore Roosevelt seated on stone wall in front of Alvarado Hotel talking with group of men standing around him: Senator Fall with cigar, George Curry (former territorial governor of new Mexico and first US representative from new Mexico) tall man in light hat. 10:23:37 Pan over crowd listening to speech. Two women on horseback present TR with bouquets and he waves. 1910s.

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