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WWII - 1943, New Guinea; Atlantic Dirigibles; Shah Pahlavi; New Weapons; Animals in Viaduct; 8th USAAF Escorts; FDR, Churchill, Ike & Turkish President

Reel Number: H1690-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943,

Country: Egypt,Germany,Iran,Italy,New Guinea,Papua new Guinea,Turkey,USA

Location: Atlantic,Madang,New Guinea,Pacific,Sicily,Tehran

TC Begins: 12:28:21

TC Ends: 12:37:14

Duration: 00:08:53

Titles. 12:28:47 Intertitle: General MacArthur’s Forces Win New Bases in Pacific. 12:28:52 MacArthur walking w/ US officer. Australian troops advance thru New Guinea grassy field. Native tribesmen, bone thru nose. Soldiers wade across river. Allied dive bombers - troops checking for snipers in foxholes / tunnels, throw hand grenade. 12:29:50 Mail call - soldiers read letters from home. Soldiers walk towards camera wearing Japanese uniform as a gag. Rear view no back to uniform. 12:30:06 Intertitle: Navy Airships Guard Convoys in Atlantic. 12:30:11 Hanger in Eastern US base w/ many LTA dirigibles. Bombs loaded. Control tower, woman using binoculars. Balloon in flight - brief interior w/ pilots. Aerial of Atlantic convoy underway. Interior airship w/ crew; bombs dropped, exploding. Shadow over ship, convoy. 12:31:36 Intertitle: Latest Films of Iran’s Royal Family at Home. 12:31:41 Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi walking in garden w/ wife, Fawzia, & daughter. Daughter, Shahnaz, playing w/ pet dog. Couple & daughter pose. 12:32:01 Intertitle: U.S. Arms Experts Develop Powerful New Weapons. 12:32:05 B-25 bombers equipped w/ 75mm cannon. 75mm field gun firing & mounted on tank. 75mm shells loaded into B25 aircraft. Plane on ground firing at practice targets. 12:32:40 Aerial of planes drop parachute bombs, huge explosions, smoke rising. 12:32:58 US officers watch demonstration of rapid artillery fire barrage w/ binoculars. 12:33:17 Intertitle: Engineers Rescue Wild Animals From Desert Viaduct. 12:33:22 US irrigation engineers ride along viaduct in adapted car. Engineers rescue porcupine who had found way into viaduct. Buck deer trapped in viaduct tries to escape by jumping up slippery side; men tie deer w/ ropes and pull to safety. 12:34:19 Intertitle: U.S. Planes Down Nazis in Battle over Germany. 12:34:23 Aerial beneath bombers of 8th USAAF w/ Thunderbolt fighters as escorts. Camera gun footage / GSAP of dogfight. German fighter going down. Explodes. 12:35:22 Intertitle: En Route Home from Tehran, Roosevelt Hails Troops in Sicily. 12:35:27 FDR seated in car, Winston Churchill in civilian suit leans against car chatting. Sphinx, pyramid. FDR, Churchill w/ Turkey’s President Ismet Inonu pose for cameras following diplomatic talks. FDR in Jeep w/ General Eisenhower reviews 7th Army troops in Sicily. Nice shot Ike & FDR laughing. 12:36:12 General Mark Clark & five officers receive medals for Sicily campaign. Army photographer. Troops march past in parade. Ike & FDR have picnic lunch in back of car. FDR poses w/ two of his sons, one in naval & the other in army uniform. The End. LTA; Royalty / Dictator; Human Interest; Animals; 1943;

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