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WWII - 1945, Germany, Bridging Rhine; Crossing & Crowds, Xanten 26Mar45; Bad Durkheim Taken 27Mar45

Reel Number: H1573-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: Germany

Location: Bad Durkheim,Rhine River,Xanten

TC Begins: 13:43:42

TC Ends: 13:53:38

Duration: 00:09:56

WWII - 1945, Germany, Bridging Rhine; Crossing & Crowds, Xanten 26Mar45; Bad Durkheim Taken 27Mar45 Slate: 26Mar45. Camera: Lt Sahl Swarz. Trucks & other vehicles crossing amphibious pontoon bridge. Ambulances coming off bridge; British watching. US Army trucks waiting, then crossing. CU sign: Xanten Tactical Bridge. MS & CUs of British watching, laughing. 13:47:22 Slate: 26Mar45 Crowd Reaction, Rhine River. Camera: T. Barnebey. 13:47:29 Field Marshal Montgomery standing in jeep; Rolls Royce w/ Churchill out & to jeep. MCUs. Crossing bridge followed by other jeeps. 13:48:32 View up road w/ German Prisoners of War marched w/ hands riased, glider sitting in field behind. Infantry marching along road. 13:49:23 Slate: 27Mar45 Rhine Crossing. Camera: Ratick. Trucks & jeeps backed up on muddy road. LS trucks onto pontoon bridge & crossing. CU sign: Constructed & Maintained by 1553 Eng HV Division . CU trucks past. Jeep w/ truck bed onto bridge & past; other vehicles. 13:51:26 Slate: same. Infantry marching along road into town. CU sign: Stadt Bensheim... 13:51:41 Heavily destroyed town w/ woman walking towards camera; soldier thru rubble. Men fighting fire in burning building. Boys w/ fire hose onto building. Surrender flags out of buildings. 13:52:26 Refugees passing camera GOOD. 13:52:31 Slate: 27Mar45 Bensheim Just Taken. Surrender flag & woman out of house; other civilians picking thru rubble. People walking in muddy street; baby in carriage. Infantry thru town watched by people in doorway. Old woman w/ cane standing crying while looking at rubble. Buildings smoking. WW2; Horrors of War; 1940s;; NOTE: Very good coverage, especially Bensheim damage & shock.

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