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1952 - Nuclear Reactor Submarine model explained by Rickover

Reel Number: H1479-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1952

Country: USA

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 02:00:07

TC Ends: 02:10:56

Duration: 00:10:49

1952 - Nuclear Reactor Submarine model explained by Rickover Capt Hayman G. Rickover USN, & WAVE assistant stand by schematic model of nuclear reactor (atomic-powered) submarine. Rickover states that this is a diagrammatic representation of the USSN (N for nuclear) Nautilus, and does not represent its actual shape or length. 02:00:40 WAVE assistant removes a hull section & exposes the power plant; Rickover points to uranium pile or reactor, the heat exchanger & the turbine. Flashing lights on the model show flow of steam to turbine and its return. 02:02:01 The WAVE places a shield on the model, representing its prototype which protects the crew from radiation. Rickover emphasises its importance in revealing that the atomic power plant will allow the sub to move faster than 20 knots submerged & generates radiation equivalent to 100 lbs of radium; there exists only 5 lbs of radium in the world. 02:04:57 CUs, of the model power plant, and of Capt Rickover. 02:07:26 Rickover beside diagram of first US sub invented by Dr. Bushnell & used in 1776 in the Revolutionary War. 02:08:14 Rickover explains chart indicating 1 lb of uranium is equal to 2,600,000 lbs of coal. A diagram of ordinary sub shows that much of the space is used by batteries & are now almost eliminated in the atomic model. 02:09:17 A photo of liner SS Queen Mary & a chart explains this ship uses 1 ton of oil every two minutes & requires the air that fills 40 houses for combustion while a nuclear reactor requires no oxygen. 02:09:59 CUs of power plant of submarine w/ animation. 1950s; Naval Technology; Navy Ships; Atomic Energy Promotion; Cold War;

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