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2003 - Color, Naval, US: Guided Missile Destroyers & CVN-75 Firing Weapons.

Reel Number: H1947-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 2000s,2003

Country: USA

Location: At Sea

TC Begins: 01:18:05

TC Ends: 01:32:44

Duration: 00:14:39

2003 - Color, Naval, US: Guided Missile Destroyers & CVN-75 Firing Weapons. 23Apr03 USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) guided missile destroyer firing 5 inch Mark 45 Mod 4 on forward deck. 01:18:14 Firing Phalanx CIWS (nickname R2-D2) w/ radome & oversight operator behind. CUs of miniguns firing & ammunition belts being monitored & loaded into feed boxes. 01:18:48 MS Mark 32 Surface Vessel Torpedo fired. Rubber raft w/ crewmen in water retrieving unid. torpedo . 01:19:19 Black 01:19:31 09Jan03 USS Milius (DDG-69) guided missile destroyer firing multiple rounds from 5 inch Mark 45 Mod 4 on forward deck. 01:20:01 Inside control bridge & firing Phalanx CIWS high speed weapon. 01:20:16 Black 01:20:29 06Jan03 USS Harry Truman (CVN-75) PACFIRE Ext. alongside deck (brief). Inter w/ Black sailor at console, setting & logging controls, pushing button & firing SeaRAM , removing finger from button. 01:20:54 Black 01:20:59 AFTV announcer w/ story on Radioative Bullet to pierce armored plating. “...depleted uranium save lives on the battlefield. And there is no known link between it and medical problems”. Tanks fired, AO-10 Warthog, Harrier aircraft, Navy Phalanx firing. Various stock footage cut in w/ interview. Destroyed Iraqi tanks in Desert Storm; tank moving; large explosion; soldier unpacking shell. Destroyed tank pulled out of mud in Balkans as VO “expert” discounts NATO soldiers report of increased cancers. Burning truck in desert. 01:23:43 Black 01:23:46 Men on shipboard loading CIWS ammunition, tilt up to rotating mini-gun type barrels; DDG beyond. Continue loading CIWS . 01:25:09 Black 01:25:11 Shipboard view of Phalanx CIWS in MS silhouetted against clouds; suddenly turning & firing spray of ammunition / bullets w/ highspeed revolving gun barrels. MCU & CU of ammunition feed mechanism. Rotating CIWS; high speed movement of ammunition feeding thru. 01:27:05 Black 01:27:08 Phalanx on deck of ?? w/ helicopters parked, titles & fires burst. 01:27:28 Black 01:27:30 MLS Crew working on Phalanx, windows of bridge seen behind, MS three crewmen working. CU, MLS. Men absent. 01:30:33 Burst fired, barrels smoking (laughter off camera). Phalanx turns slowly, aimed nearly over camera. MS of two sets of gun barrels - not firing. Navy; Naval Weapons; Maneuvers; Training; Propaganda; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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