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Story of Oak Ridge Operations, The Pt. 1 of 3

Reel Number: 221527-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1970s

Country: USA

Location: Kentucky,OAK RIDGE,Padukah,Portsmouth,Tennessee

TC Begins: 04:32:58

TC Ends: 04:43:39

Duration: 00:10:41

The Story of Oak Ridge Operations Pt. 1 of 3 Sunset over mountain ridge & zoom in. Montage: CU fire burning in pit of rocks. Pull back from CU of large well preserved waterwheel. Coal train out of mine. View down pipes to petroleum or oil storage tanks. Take off American Airlines passenger jet; cars on freeway, railroad locomotive past, large earth mover, water over dam. 04:33:45 Montage: bird in flight, ripe wheat field, windmill, waves breaking over rocks. 04:34:02 View into atomic cooling pool w/ blue glow in reactor. Technicians & scientists at various equipment. Title: Story of Oak Ridge Operations. Credits. 04:35:00 CU flag & pull back showng Federal Office Building w/ sign. Map locating Oak Ridge. Montage: Men working at variety of equipment, exterior of plant grounds, men at robotic controls. Computer mainframe. Machinists & others. 04:35:43 Aerial over large Oak Ridge buildings. 04:35:58 Animated diagram of atom & U-235 turning into a series of connected atoms. Diagram of U-235 atom & 140 atoms of U-238 making up Uranium. Diagram of gas against porous barrier w/ U-235 passing thru. Pan over large plants for gaseous diffusion & aerials. Padukah, KY & Portsmouth plants showing huge buildings. POV down concrete exterior. Various other views of piping; electric generation turbines, vapor from cooling systems. 04:37:54 Hyster moving large cask of radioactive material passing over camera. Aerial around nuclear power station & ground shot. Electric transmission tower, diagram of expansion of nuclear power industry. 04:38:45 Int. of plant. Hyster moving cask. View of gaseous diffusion cascade. 04:39:32 Lower uranium cask into shipping container on railroad car. POV following hyster w/ cask. Plant interiors w/ large containers & men at controls opening valves etc. 04:40:46 Y-12 plant in Oak Ridge, pan over. Interior w/ refined uranium weighed. Chemical system to recover production residue. Machining w/ computer controlled machines. Apollo mission hardware machined. Woman analyzing finished products. 04:42:18 Large 13 million volt X-Ray machine is positioned by crane & man at controls. Autoclave compaction machine used at Y-12 plant to compress at 20,000 lbs per sq. inch. metal & ceramic powders. 04:42:54 Filament winding machine w/ operator at panel to make high strength material. Ultra clean room & workers using ultaviolet light. Promotional Film; Government Film; Atomic Power Plants; Industry; Manufacturing; High Technology;

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