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Nazis Strike, The R2 of 4

Reel Number: 221216-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1935-1938

Country: Austria,Czechoslovakia,Germany

Location: Munich,Nuremberg,Sudetenland,Vienna

TC Begins: 15:10:21

TC Ends: 15:21:34

Duration: 00:11:13

The Nazis Strike Why We Fight Series #2 German steel works, foundry, furnaces, sparks, flowing steel, ingots, heavy machinery. Armament production. 15:11:28 Special effects & hands raised in Nazi salute. Food handouts, concentration camp, four men executed by firing squad ( staged ). Still Himmler. Various shots German army marching / parade. 15:12:26 1935 - National Conscription in Germany. Men with suitcases. German youth - boys play with gliders. Full sized glider. German officers watch aircraft fly over in display. Training of paratroops on ground; out of plane, parachutes. Training / drill army in goose-step on field( good sequence). German military build up, rearmament. Tanks, dive-bomber, battleships. 15:13:36 German troops enter Rhineland under superimposed map. Building Siegfried line. AV completed Siegfried line. Stockpiling goods, slave labor. Troops marching into underground bunker. Hitler at military parade & displays. 15:16:16 Hitler and Goering at Berchtesgarden, with other officer study map. 15:16:38 1938 March 12th Germany invades Austria. Hitler into Vienna ( Anschluss) Map shows strategic importance of Czechoslovakia. Czech army & military equipment. Int. Skoda munitions factory. President Benes in office. Brief shots French & British military, allies of Czechoslovakia. 15:18:09 Sudetenland map. Hitler at rally. Hitler youth. Parades in various parts of the world. Commentary explains that Hitler has called on Germans & descendents of Germans all over the world to take orders from Berlin. Various youth parades. 15:19:21 Stills various US Military officers and politicians who are of German descent. 15:19:53 Sudetenland, Conrad Henlein. Rally, blackjacks - injured Czechs in hospital - plaster casts. 15:20:30 Berlin - Hitler at congress makes speech. 15:20:52 League of Nations, Max Litvinov, Russian Foreign Minister. Vote taken at L.of N. 15:21:09 Czech call-up - men with suitcases. Borders closed. Chamberlain’s plane arrives? Chamberlain up staircase in Germany; Daladier arrive. Meeting w/ Hitler.

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