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Pre-WWII - 1938, Austria: Anschluss, Hitler Speaking, Parade. 15May38

Reel Number: 221778-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1930s,1938

Country: Austria,Germany

Location: Vienna

TC Begins: 08:29:17

TC Ends: 08:35:55

Duration: 00:06:38

Pre-WWII - 1938, Austria: Anschluss, Hitler Speaking, Parade. 15May38 High angle / HA crowd filled plaza & line of cars on large street (brief). SOF Crowd saluting, cheering as Hitler’s car approaches; Hitler & Arthur Seyss Inquart (?) out of car saluting, walks up steps followed by Nazi soldiers. HA crowd & Nazi banners hanging from large building. 08:29:58 SOF LA MS Seyss-Inquart at microphones addressing crowd; intercut w/ shots of crowd listening. 08:30:12 SOF Hitler standing behind mics salutes; waiting & waves arm for quiet. Speaking; Austrians watching in LA CU. Hitler speaks, gesturing. Large cheers & crowd gives fascist salute - lots of “Sieg Heil!”; crowds on statue & filling Heldenplatz / Square of Heroes. 08:31:42 Hitler past crowd standing in car, stops & out, greeted by German officer / Hermann Goering & walks across plaza to saluting soldier & shakes his hand; they continue. MCU saluting German Austrian (?) officers. Hitler inspects Honor Guard. CU large wreath; officers. Hitler reviewing more soldiers. 08:33:04 Monument w/ swastika banners draped; people watching from top of fence. HA MS Hitler talking to civilians & military VIPs; CU women, bombers / airplanes flying over in formation. 08:33:36 Military parade w/ armored cars, small tanks past grandstands; Hitler standing saluting, band playing; troops marching; cavalry riding past. Military band. CUs military & civilians Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2; Austria Invasion; Anschluss; 1938; Nazis; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate.

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