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1930s: Palestine; Hitler; Map, Unid. German Speaker; Goebbels speaking at anti-Jewish (?) demonstration; Jewish Congregation; Boycott Against German Jews

Reel Number: 221551-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1936,1930s

Country: Germany,Israel,Palestine

Location: Berlin,Haifa,Jerusalem,Munich

TC Begins: 20:07:16

TC Ends: 20:18:33

Duration: 00:11:17

1930s: Palestine; Hitler; Map, Unid. German Speaker; Goebbels speaking at anti-Jewish (?) demonstration; Jewish Congregation; Boycott Against German Jews SOF Kibbutz dining hall; group singing by piano as men & women listen, singing on chorus. 20:07:45 MOS Man working. Filling flour (?) sacks at long line of shaker machines. 20:07:57 MOS Large millstones turning, CU mixing & grinding. 20:08:09 MOS Women seated at long table picking up diamonds (?) w/ tweezers or tool. 20:08:21 MOS Brief shot of surveyor, camels past. 20:08:24 SOF MS Hitler speaking. 20:08:30 MOS LS Haifa harbor from mountain top. 20:08:44 CU map of Palestine w/ arrows pointing to Jerusalem (?), Tel Aviv, ? 20:09:15 LS village near Dead Sea (?) 20:09:23 CU map of Palestine w/ arrow to Jerusalem. 20:09:30 Jerusalem (?) street scene w/ traffic police at intersection in front of Barclays Bank; pedestrians & buses. 20:09:41 CU map of Palestine w/ arrow to Tel Aviv. Camel train past, art deco buildings behind. 20:09:57 MOS Letters fed thru machine. Women at table w/ pen or tool & ??. 20:10:14 SOF Various shots of Hitler speaking & gesturing. 20:10:32 Hindenburg w/ Hitler standing behind. 20:10:38 LS Village by Dead Sea (again) & people walking up hillside; sheep grazing. 20:10:54 Hitler at microphone speaking (some out of sync). MS Goebbels & other Nazi officers listening. 20:11:39 Camel train & art deco buildings. 20:11:57 Arabs rowing boat w/ crates, freighter off shore. 20:12:03 Israeli man holding cast of jaw & teeth. 20:12:08 Women working at telephone switch board. 20:12:18 LS Large factory of textile looms. 20:12:25 Man fitting women stockings over form of leg. 20:12:34 LS of Haifa (?) harbor over rooftops from mountain top. 20:12:52 SOF MS Herman Goering seated in flowery chair speaking in German to camera. ??? 20:13:42 SOF Goebbels on balcony outdoors speaking before enormous crowd; calls Heil, crowd responds w/ raised arm salute. 20:14:08 SOF Synagogue, Cantor singing in Hebrew. Women’s chorus singing response; conductor in yamulka. CU of Cantor singing. LS of front of Synagogue interior from ground & balcony. 20:15:37 MOS Ext street w/ Star of David being painted on window & building, pedestrians apst looking at windows & camera. People looking in window. German storm troopers putting up signs, kids & others looking at camera. Brownshirt in doorway saluting. 20:16:03 SOF POV from car following truck of Nazi Storm Troopers in truck w/ bicyclists between along Berlin street in traffic; past & in front. Pedestrians on sidewalk walking past Jewish shops marked w/ Star of David. Storm Trooper in doorway of open shop / store. Past awning w/ Leiser on it; Neubauer on store; German soldiers w/ large Nazi placard. Voice shouting. 20:16:58 SOF track continues. Tilt down German anti-Jewish sign w/ English on bottom (staged?). 20:17:11 CU Nazi flag in wind - NOTE: Reversed swastika, then correct. Pre-WWII; Daily Life; 1930s; Racism; Religion; Jewish Religious Service; Ethnic; Germany

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