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Aufbau Des Gemmeinschaftshauses Durch Freiwiligen Arbeitsdienst (1939) / Construction of Community Center by Volunteer Work Duty Pt. 1 of 2

Reel Number: 221734-01

Color: Black and White and Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1939,1940

Country: Switzerland,USA

Location: Camp Bergwald,New Jersey,Riverdale

TC Begins: 03:00:00

TC Ends: 03:20:55

Duration: 00:20:55

Construction work at Camp Bergwald - Riverdale, New Jersey; Ceremony & Summer Vacationing 03:00:10 B/W. German-American Bund bugler outside tent in summer. 03:00:20 Spring (?) w/ snow on surrounding hilltops & men pounding stakes, for foundation; men & women w/ picks & shovels working digging & burning leaves on rocky hilltop site. 03:01:30 Bare chested men & boys mixing cement on ground & laying stonewall. MS & MCUs. 03;03:15 Color. Men, women & children in shade pouring & drinking beer from keg, around picnic benches. 03:03:45 MLS pan of site, forms for walls. 03:04:12 B/W. Men working laying stone wall. Man carrying buckets on yoke to men mixing concrete. Hanging large banner / flag w/ DAB logo. Men, women, children listening to bare chested man speaking from platform. Rafters & planks laid on stone walls, men hammering; constructing brick chimney flue. 03:07:35 Color. Low angle, men on ladder & roof framing w/ blue sky above. Carpenters hand sawing; men tanned. 03:08:28 B/W. Drawn title card: Einladung zum Richt - Fest. Sonntag, den 16, Juli 1939. w/ completed community center. 03:08:35 Color. Tall flag pole (no flag); DAB banners hanging from open second floor w/ men & women sitting at benches & tables, others walking around below looking, talking. CU banners. Wreath on top of flagpole in wind. 03:09:36 Men marching up steep dirt road w/ American flag & DAB banners, others following in shorts, brown shirts & neckties in descending age; followed by teenage girls in white blouses, ties & black skirts. Men w/ Burgermeister banner, chef, etc. 03:10:35 Title card: D.A.B. Deutsch-Amerikanische Berufsgemeinschaft. Gross New York. Einweihung des ??. 03:10:41 Color. American flag flying from pole on building roof, tilt down to men sitting in log railing. MS US flag, DAB banner & ?. 03:11:08 MCU Men & women sitting at tables reading ??, woman clearing dishes; LS group on building & front. Brownshirt youth w/ banners & bugles marching out, leading others. 03:12:15 Title card: Unsere Arbeitschar. 03:12:22 Color. People watching from building, pan across to large number posing for photographs, 03:12:33 Title card: Sommer 1940 03:12:35 B/W. People sitting on balcony. MCUs of building from various angles. 03:13:03 Title card: Blick von der Ostmark auf das Gemeinschaftshaus. 03:13:08 LS from hilltop of building w/ town in valley beyond. 03:13:19 Title card: Der Federal Rock ist eine historische Statte aus dem Burgerfriege. Auf diesem Felsen standen Wachposten, denn von hier aus hat man eine fernsicht von uber 35 Meilen nach... “Riverdale” vom “Federal Rock” aus. 03:13:47 LS pan across valley & towns. Railroad steam locomotive & passenger cars. 03:14:15 Title card: Ein Rundgang durch die Siedlung mit ihren schmucken Waldhaeuschen. 03:14:25 B/W. Two women & boy walking up path to rustic cabin in summertime. Women, men in shade talking; other cabins; picnicking, relaxing. Vacation activities Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2; Ethnic Home Movies; Recreation; Roofraising ceremony, 16Jul39; Children; Families; Family Groups;

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