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Nazi Plan - Compiegne Surrender; Anti-Semitic Campaign; Book Burning

Reel Number: 221681-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: France,Germany

Location: Compiegne

TC Begins: 20:27:06

TC Ends: 20:34:23

Duration: 00:07:17

Nazi Plan - Compiegne Surrender; Anti-Semitic Campaign; Book Burning Title: Compiegne, 22Jun40 20:27:09 LS of railroad car from WWI / WW1 Armistice signing. Hitler w/ German officers walking past German troops. French General Charles Huntziger hurrying & entering railroad car. Views inside car of delegations & signing. 20:27:59 Hitler w/ generals outside car, reads & signs. 20:28:21 Huntziger leaves car; Hitler clenches fist & pats stomach before shaking hands w/ Nazis. 20:28:50 Black 20:28:54 Title: Opening of the Official Anti-Semitic Campaign 01Apr33. Cheering crowds; Goebbels speaking (SOF) from behind concrete rail. Pan over large crowd back to Goebbels gesturing while loudly speaking of London & New York. 20:29:59 POV following truck w/ Nazis thru street & traffic. Brownshirts, past signs on windows & painting swastikas. CU sign Achtung Juden w/ skull & cross-bones. People looking at sign on door of Cafe Unter Den Linden. Brown shirts look at camera; argue w/ man on street. Large sign Juden w/ Star of David painted on window. 20:30:55 Man on shoulders of another putting up sign. Other signs,people standing. SOF chanting. 20:31:25 Title: The Burning Of The Books 10May33. Night & bonfire w/ books thrown onto it as youth march past. Silhouetted troops, many books thrown on by civilians & military. Goebbels speaks. (printer ride). Crowd singing anthem, panning crowd. 1940; 1933; Anti-Intellectual;

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