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Post-WWII - History, German: Here Is Germany R5 of 6 (1945)

Reel Number: 250030-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1930s

Country: Germany

Location: Berlin

TC Begins: 10:00:12

TC Ends: 10:08:37

Duration: 00:08:25

MCU German flag on pole above building. Men speaking to crowds; crowd below cheering. Various German military reviewed; parade in city; officials down steps of government building. Berlin statue of Frederick the Great on horseback; stone statue of Bismarck; painting of Kaiser. Hitler montage: MCU speaking on outdoor podium w/ plants draped & swastika, walking thru crowd to car, ECU. People saluting, handshaking, CU smiling, other saluting & w/ brownshirts & Nazi officers speaking, listening (unfavorable images). 10:01:45 People talking, drinking beer on sidewalk. Hitler w/ VIPs, military & Hitler intercut w/ businessmen, crowds. Inspecting workers; small meetings; 1933 voting. Hitler w/ von Hindenburg at official ceremonies. 10:03:23 MCU Fire set; LS Reichstag in on fire, flames. Hitler speaking; shaking hands. Hitler speaking before new Reichstag. Unemployed; laborers w/ shovels; book burning; scientists; brown shirts & anti-Semitic signs; staged meeting; brownshirt parade & on trucks. 10:04:29 Kaiser soldiers. parade (wrong speed); Nazi troops parade. Concentration camp; brutality to civilians; church interior & burning; riots; workers talking. 10:04:53 Man’s head in guillotine, CU blade. 10:04:56 Women bundling newspapers; book burning; kids playing on large artillery, w/ motorcycle. Exhibition of military equipment, crowds watch. Montage of Nazi press, speakers, books, posters, music, art, painting. 10:05:37 Nazi crowds, pan of youth. Hitler speaking montage, recording w/ audio & motion picture film. Hitler & crowd in frenzy intercut. ECUs. Police clubbing crowd, army marching, Hitler speaking w/ Nazi ideals superimposed; parading troops; officers reviewing; businessmen & statesmen. WWI troops marching; pre-WW1 troops march. 10:07:55 Pan skulls & bodies. 10:07:59 Nazi ceremony & Teutonic soldiers in CU. Victims bodies intercut w/ Nazi civilian crowd saluting. WW2 History; 1930s Pre-WWII Montage - Germany;

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