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Pre-WWII, 1938 - Siegfried Line; Munich Agreement

Reel Number: 221731-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1938,1930s

Country: England,France,Germany,United Kingdom

Location: London,Munich,Paris

TC Begins: 21:58:11

TC Ends: 22:08:47

Duration: 00:10:36

Pre-WWII, 1938 - Siegfried Line; Munich Agreement Pan of teeth of tank trap (probably type 1939); pan of several types of barbed wire emplacements w/ metal posts. Large gear teeth type concrete barrier up hillside; LS line running across farmland. 21:58:41 Bunker entrance w/ vegetation hanging over; German soldiers rolling in light artillery - view from inside. 21:58:51 German officers watching troops entering small opening in large thick concrete wall; descending interior stairwell w/ rifles, thru hallways to bunk beds. Put rifles on table & take off ammunition belts, etc. 21:59:54 Men into bathroom & washing up, shaving. 22:00:07 Man checking hot water system for cooking. Soldiers up ladder, man looking out viewing port. Communications room. 22:00:55 Large official Nazi meeting w/ Peace or War superimposed over. Brief clips of people at various rallies, indoors & outdoors. MCUs; people listening in cafes & ??; people saluting at meeting. Soldiers on filed w/ equipment. Ships at sea. Planes overhead in swastika formation. 22:02:03 British officials waiting for Chamberlain’s arrival; MCUs of civilian VIPs. Chamberlain shaking hands. 22:02:38 Chamberlain ready to leave, shaking hands & boarding plane; people wave goodbye & plane taxiing & taking off; wheels up. 22:03:28 British sailors & civilians outside large ornate stone gate. Sandbagged foundation of large building w/ pedestrians past on sidewalk; men stacking sandbags. 22:03:41 Sailors jumping out of back of truck, unloading duffels. 22:03:48 LS exterior of large railroad station. Paris street scenes, people waiting in line outside bakery. CU wall of news posters in French, man making notes. Men walking down street w/ rifles in hands, talking on street. Superimposed: Peace of War. People walking; standing in groups talking. Large crowd beneath sign Reservistes. People looking at chalk board of railroad train schedule for Reservistes. 22:04:35 Title: Mussolini. Hitler w/ Mussolini, both in uniform, walking along train, soldiers saluting, kids waving German flags, walking past troops in review. Cheering crowd in front of Hotel. Thru street in open limousine of motorcade. POV from car of young scouts & brownshirts. 22:05:17 Title: Daladier. CU French & German flags in breeze; parked twin-engine airplane. MCU walking in dark suit w/ German military. 22:05:29 Title: Chamberlain. Plane arriving, past German troops, reviewing. Thru streets in open car; up steps on carpet, superimposed Peace or War. Other arrivals. Interior w/ Hitler, Chamberlain, Daladier & ?? signing w/ Peace or War superimposed. 22:07:02 Exterior of No. 10 Downing Street, crowd waiting, waving. Mrs Chamberlain out & waves as she leaves. Plane landing, Chamberlain off, crowd watching. Speaks (MOS) at microphone & leaves in car. Into palace thru crowd at dusk. 22:08:35 Chamberlain & wife follow King & Queen onto balcony; waving. WWII; WW2; War Preparations; Munich Accord; Sudetenland; 30Sep38; 29Sep38;

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